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Health Committee Approves Basic Health Plan Study on First Day of Session

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House Bill 4109 would cost an estimated $60,000 and task the Oregon Health Authority with studying the concept of a state-run health plan for working-class Oregonians who don’t qualify for Medicaid. It is opposed by Rep. Jason Conger, who didn’t want to restrict options.

The drive toward a Basic Health Plan for working-class Oregonians leaped over its first hurdle, as House Bill 4109 passed out of the House Health Committee 7-1 on the first day of the 2014 session.

Dembrow, Thompson Discuss Cover Oregon Rollout, Single Payer

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Dembrow says even if the legislature passes a single-payer bill, it's likely to be referred to voters

Five speakers – including state legislators from both sides of the aisle, as well as political advocates and representatives from the insurance industry – gathered in the banquet room at Kells Irish Pub Tuesday night to talk about what lies ahead for healthcare reform in Oregon.

Task Force to Recommend Using Traditional Health Workers to Engage OHP Patients

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Cost sharing, health risk assessments also under consideration, while Rep. Jim Thompson is concerned about training available in rural areas for Oregon’s Hispanic population.


October 10, 2013 – Traditional health workers could play a major role in helping Oregon Health Plan patients engage with their care and improve health outcomes – that is, if the newly created Task Force on Individual Responsibility and Health Engagement has anything to say about it.

Greenlick Wants Public Comment Period, but CCOs Resist

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The chair of the House Health Committee has proposed a compromise version of earlier legislation that would have subjected coordinated care organizations to the public meetings law. HB 2960 would require private board meetings to have a public comment period and open advisory councils to public.


April 16, 2013 — Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has put forth a compromise bill that would ensure greater public scrutiny of coordinated care organizations without putting them under Oregon’s public meetings law.

Oregon House Passes Bill Giving Workers Two Weeks Leave to Grieve

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HB 2950 expands the Oregon Family Leave Act to include time spent in bereavement, protecting employees from being fired for missing work when a close family member dies

April 15, 2013 — On April 12, 2006, Rep. Shemia Fagan, D-Portland, told her colleagues in the House that she had her best lunch date ever, as her dad drove from The Dalles to help her celebrate her admission to law school.

Dembrow Pitches Oregon Universal Healthcare Study

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Funding for the study to provide healthcare financing for all Oregonians would come from private sources, and the study would consider several options, including single-payer, a public option and hybrid model to provide care from cradle-to-grave. A Pennsylvania study found a state single-payer government health insurance system would cut healthcare costs 15 percent

April 12, 2013 — The Affordable Care Act will roll out next year, and Oregon has instituted its own pioneering healthcare delivery reforms through coordinated care organizati

House Committee Votes to Require Insurers to Pay for Court-Ordered Treatment

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Regence BlueCross BlueShield opposes the provision, arguing to keep current law where private insurers have the option to deny claims for alcohol or drug treatment if it’s a result of a DUII or other conviction


March 29, 2013 — People with drug and alcohol addictions who end up in treatment as a result of a DUII will get their treatment picked up by insurance if a bill sponsored by Rep. Phil Barnhart, D-Eugene, becomes law.

Rep. Jim Thompson Focuses on Keeping Oregonians Healthier

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At an informational hearing, he said that he wants more attention focused on weight loss programs

February 28, 2012 -- Looking at options for healthcare was the focus of an informational meeting of the Oregon House Health Care Committee recently to discuss a weight-loss program known as Take Shape for Life.

Committee Co-Chair Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas) said the issue of weight loss should be a part of discussions about how to make Oregonians healthier.


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