Rep. Jim Thompson Focuses on Keeping Oregonians Healthier

At an informational hearing, he said that he wants more attention focused on weight loss programs

February 28, 2012 -- Looking at options for healthcare was the focus of an informational meeting of the Oregon House Health Care Committee recently to discuss a weight-loss program known as Take Shape for Life.

Committee Co-Chair Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas) said the issue of weight loss should be a part of discussions about how to make Oregonians healthier.

“This is a topic that is of special interested to me,” he told the committee. “We have to find mechanisms to keep people healthy, other than the doctor’s office. We talk about wellness. We talk about all these other systems. But, when it comes down to what exactly ‘what are we going to do,’ we immediately bounce back to a talk about physicians, nurses and hospitals.”

Thompson said he was hoping to find healthcare alternatives that might be less expensive and get Oregonians to a “health maintenance level.”

Several health coaches from the Take Shape for Life/Medifast plan testified. Bryce Kennedy of Beaverton says he was 50 pounds overweight, lost it through the program and then signed on as a health coach. He urged the state to take a look at such programs.

“The state has done quite a bit,” he said, “taking positive steps to recognize the issue of being overweight and obese and the costs therein. But, we urge you to take additional action and change the focus of the Oregon Health Authority and all state agencies involved in healthcare and delivery of services to state employees. Please move from merely disease treatment to one of health creation.”

Currently, the Oregon Public Employee Benefits Board only recognizes the Weight Watchers program for state employees, and Take Shape for Life has not approached PEBB for consideration.

Shirley Graham, of Portland, is a state employee who’s followed the Take Shape for Life program to deal with diabetes. She said the program helped her lose 125 pounds, has been able to stop insulin and reduce other medications.

“My experience, and coworker experience, is that the ‘Take Shape for Life’ program is an effective option,” she told the committee. “The meal replacements meet the need for portion control, for diabetics that are essential, the end to hunger and to sugar addictions for many. The ‘Habits for Health’ system, with free personal coaching, is a solid education for unlearning habits of disease and learning habits of health. I’m asking for recognition of programs with a wellness approach, to prevent nutrition-related illnesses from even occurring. Please make this a priority for state employees and expand access for Oregonians.”

As this was an informational hearing, the legislative committee took no action.

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I am so excited to hear about this!! My husband's father died unexpectedly at 45 from obesity related diseases, a diabetic with heart disease - Together my husband and I have lost 159 pounds with this program and I became a health coach and have helped many Oregonians lose the weight and keep it off which is the key. Keep going! We need this! Alesia Dick

As a clinician I had one patient that was able to drop 11 medications including insulin and morphine just because she lost her weight on this program. What a significant improvement to her life and what a cost savings to everyone else.