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About Us

The Lund Report is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, online news source. We exist to provide people in Oregon and southwest Washington with high-quality journalism about health care that promotes awareness and understanding of pressing issues while holding government and industry accountable.

Our reporting seeks to reflect and respond to the diverse communities we serve.

Readers’ input helps us cover the major issues confronting our health care system: cost, access, equity, sustainability and quality. 

Our reporters track hospitals and other providers, spotlighting patient care and workplace conditions. We monitor insurers and the state-run Oregon Health Plan, which provides care for more than 1 million people. We follow the money, cover the players, and track what lawmakers and lobbyists are doing.

Editorial independence and standards 

The Lund Report is committed to editorial independence. We accept donations, grants and subscriptions to support our work, but our decisions about coverage are made independently and based exclusively on our mission to serve the public and our readers. 

The Lund Report is committed to accurate and thorough reporting and follows the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics. When errors occur, they are promptly noted and corrected. Our reporters are required to disclose any potential financial conflicts of interest involving themselves or immediate family. Please immediately bring any requests or feedback related to our coverage to the attention of editor-in-chief Nick Budnick at [email protected].

We do not lobby for policies or legislation, beyond freedom of the press and First Amendment rights that ensure the public has open access to information. 

The other arm of our organization, the Oregon Health Forum, operates with a separate mission under the director of operations, but shares a board and 501(c)3 designation with The Lund Report. To protect our editorial independence, our editor-in-chief reports directly to our board of directors, as does the director of operations. The editor-in-chief also meets with a separate Community Advisory Board that serves as a connection to the people we serve and works to support independence and high standards of journalism.

Our board members provide strategic vision, leadership and oversight for the organization, but do not direct news coverage. They are required to respect the editorial independence of staff members and disclose any conflict of interest.