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Oregon’s Medicaid providers struggle to meet the demand for mental health care. As a result, patients in distress have to wait weeks for care.
Heika Wilson controlled her bipolar disorder for years with medication and regular visits to a therapist. When her husband developed his 3D printing business, she was there to help.
Nov 18 2018

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Oregon Health Forum attendees urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to immediately address public health crises such as hygiene, public defecation and exposure at a Thursday breakfast forum.
Community members, advocates and caregivers for the homeless urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to address the homeless population’s immediate need for hygiene services such as showers and porta potties in order to prevent a public health crisis.
Nov 15 2018
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Briefly: Linfield College Pays $14.5 Million For New Home For Nursing Program
Jul 18 2018
The outbreak of turkey parts, whole birds and ground turkey has sickened 164 people in 35 states, including Oregon, and one person has died.
As Americans prepare to cook and consume nearly 50 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, an ongoing outbreak of salmonella poisoning linked to the poultry means food safety at home is more critical than ever.
Nov 19 2018
After the recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif., in which 11 people were killed at a country music bar, President Donald Trump struck a familiar refrain: “It’s a mental health problem,” he said of the gunman, Ian David Long. “He was a very sick puppy.”
Nov 19 2018
Attackers hacked into a tool used by insurance agents and brokers to sign people up for coverage.
A data breach of a tool used to enroll people in health care plans exposed the personal information of at least 1,094 Oregonians.
Nov 13 2018
A clinical trial involving nearly 26,000 people showed these widely taken supplements don't affect rates of cancer diagnosis or serious heart issues but do appear to stem heart attacks and cancer deaths.
A widely anticipated study has concluded that neither vitamin D nor fish oil supplements prevent cancer or serious heart-related problems in healthy older people, according to research presented Saturday at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.
Nov 12 2018
A grand jury looking into conditions at Multnomah County’s jails found the majority of inmates have either mental health or substance abuse issues.
A grand jury looking into conditions at Multnomah County’s jails found the majority of inmates have either mental health or substance abuse issues.
Nov 9 2018
Felisa Hagins says the state has failed to ensure that Oregon’s coordinated care organizations have the financial incentive next year to improve access to care for diverse populations.
A longtime member of the board that advises the state on health policy and reform questioned the state’s commitment to ensuring equitable health care to low-income Oregonians.
Nov 7 2018

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But Republicans’ tightened grip on the Senate means those hoping for another round of dramatic, progressive reforms may be disappointed.
For the first time since passing the Affordable Care Act, Democrats will soon control the House of Representatives and its powerful health committees. But Republicans’ tightened grip on the Senate means those hoping for another round of dramatic, progressive reforms may be disappointed.
Nov 8 2018

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Oregon State University scientists looked at factors linked to cases of common variable immunodeficiency, which afflicts thousands of people worldwide and often prevents them from absorbing nutrients.
  Oregon State University researchers have discovered two key factors behind the intestinal inflammation that plagues people suffering from a disorder that affects their immune system.
Nov 14 2018
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The Lund Report has big plans for hard-driving, in-depth reporting on the health-care industry and its major players -- from hospitals and insurance companies to the Oregon Health Authority, Legislature and pharmaceutical industry.
Oct 27 2018
Oregon voters trounced an anti-abortion measure, unlike voters in Alabama and West Virginia or in Indiana, North Dakota and Missouri where anti-abortion Republican senators won seats held by Democrats.
Oregonians trounced a ballot measure that would have banned public funding of abortions, marking the fourth time that the state has endorsed abortion rights at the polls.
Nov 6 2018


A federal appeals court rejected Moda's request on Tuesday to rehear its petition for millions in payments from the federal government over losses under the Affordable Care Act, but the case is not closed.
A federal court has rejected a request from Moda Health to consider its appeal in a case involving millions in federal funds that’s been bouncing around the courts for two years.
Nov 7 2018
Federal officials told The Lund Report they will continue to fund Portland’s psychiatric crisis center after patient deaths and safety hazards sparked a months-long investigation and whistleblower complaint.
The Unity Center for Behavioral Health will not lose its federal certification and funding, federal officials said Thursday, one day after the center’s deadline to meet safety standards.
Nov 1 2018
Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen said the state needs to accommodate the number of accused criminals who need treatment before being tried.
Oregon State Hospital facilities are so crowded that state health officials have asked for $2.7 million in emergency funds to accommodate all of the patients they need to treat.
Oct 31 2018
If we want healthier communities that spend less on medical care, we need more effective community-based management and intervention, and better communication between the social services and medical communities.
In recent years, social determinants of health have become central to conversations about health-care delivery, and with good reason: medically complex patients and those with unmet behavioral and social needs consume a disproportionate amount of time and money in the health-care system.
Nov 6 2018
A group of Oregon health officials, law enforcement and legislators discussed Wednesday how to provide supportive services for people with mental health issues to keep them from being locked up.
Oregon state officials held the first steering committee meeting Wednesday to improve how the state’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems treat people experiencing a mental health crisis.
Oct 31 2018


Open enrollment starts Thursday, and health insurance agents are urging patients to check their policies and whether they qualify for health insurance discounts because costs and coverage could change.
With the window for people to buy their own health insurance openingThursday, insurance agents are urging patients to review their insurance plans for potential changes and opportunities for discounts.
Oct 30 2018
A company is marketing a drug intended as a preventive for people at risk for heart disease with stunning statistics but has not yet released details of its study.
At the end of September, Amarin Corp. teased some early findings for Vascepa, its preventive medicine for people at risk of heart disease. The claim was astounding: a 25 percent relative risk reduction for deaths related to heart attacks, strokes and other conditions.
Nov 2 2018
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Press Release: Portland Law Firm Named Age-Friendly Business 
Sep 25 2018