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Records provided to The Lund Report show that when doctors leave PeaceHealth St. Johns Medical Center, officials there are able to access prescription records for the physician’s new patients – even when those patients are not affiliated with the PeaceHealth system

At least one Pacific Northwest hospital is getting private medical details of patients who do not seek care there – without those patients’ permission – in what may be a violation of federal laws, according to documents obtained by The Lund Report.

Oct 14 2016
The Lund Report has been given a complete list of the 47 executives who remain, which shows that 9 positions are vacant.

Beth O’Brien, the executive vice president and chief operating officer of PeaceHealth, appears to remain on board following a tumultuous time at the health system during which high-level executives have either resigned or been asked to leave.

Oct 5 2016
PEBB’s insurers -- All-Care, Kaiser, Moda and Providence -- will be judged according to a formula similar to the state Medicaid program, which will ensure that they are doing proper screenings and management of chronic diseases as well as steering members through primary care homes rather than emergency departments.

Health plans that insure members of the Public Employee Benefit Board will have to take some responsibility for improving health outcomes next year, as the board moves to implement quality metrics similar to those used by the coordinated care organizations.

A 0.3 percent rise in Social Security is lower than the likely rise in Medicare premiums. While most seniors cannot see a rise in Medicare higher than their Social Security increase, 30 percent of recipients will see their Medicare premiums rise as much as 22 percent. The state may need to put up an additional $77 million to cover the Medicare increase for “dual eligibles” -- seniors poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, which picks up the cost of their Medicare premium.

A measly increase in Social Security benefits could trigger a spike in Medicare Part B premiums that will hurt both senior citizens and the state’s budget if Congress doesn’t step in to fix it.

What does this mean for health systems that assume risk for the health of their populations?

In today’s America, people live in two distinctly different worlds. Dr. Garth Graham, President of the Aetna Foundation, points out that “life expectancy in New Orleans can vary as much as 25 years between neighborhoods just a few miles apart.”

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The Children's Health Alliance “is a dynamic and innovative not-for-profit association of private practice pediatricians throughout the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area.

Learn what can be done to combat those price increases by attending our Nov. 2 breakfast forum.

The state’s 16 coordinated care organizations are experiencing an escalation in pharmaceutical prices, which are outpacing hospital charges at some CCOs, according to Dr. Jim Rickards, chief medical officer of the Oregon Health Authority.

Will Medicaid expansion save the country money as people stop using expensive emergency rooms for primary care?

Not in the first years, said a study published Wednesday online in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Rate hikes are likely on the way for plans offered on the health law’s online exchanges, or marketplaces. Consumers’ out-of-pocket costs are expected to climb, and some major insurers are pulling out.

As of the end of September, Oregon has collected more than $40 million in taxes on recreational marijuana, according to the latest figures from the state Department of Revenue.

Pot retailers began collecting a 25 percent tax on recreational marijuana sales starting in January.

For the first half of 2016, an average of 10.4 million consumers had effectuated Health Insurance Marketplace coverage – which means those individuals, paid their premiums and had an active policy through one of the Health Insurance Marketplaces nationwide as of that date.

Records provided to The Lund Report show that PeaceHealth St. Johns Medical Center officials may be accessing prescribing records of former doctor employees

At least one Pacific Northwest hospital is getting private medical details of patients who do not seek care there – without those patients’ permission – in what may be a violation of federal laws, according to documents obtained by The Lund Report.

He believes the CCOs should become accountable to the public, rather than turn into profit centers for physicians, hospitals and stockholders.

The coordinated care organizations are about to encounter a formidable foe who’s determined to bring about drastic changes.

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He intends to step down on November 30

Willamette Valley Community Health's Executive Director and CEO William Guest has given notice that he will step down from that role effective November 30, 2016. Mr. Guest has served as WVCH's CEO since his hiring in 2014, and WVCH is grateful for the role he has played in establishing WVCH's systems and operations

Saxton says CMS may offer additional financial support beyond the $1.25 billion request.

Oregon’s federal waiver to keep the Oregon Health Plan alive another five years remains on track, with continued discussions between the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, but the waiver won’t be approved by December, despite efforts by the Oregon Health Authority.