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Hospitals are reaping the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, seeing sharply increasing profits and plummeting costs of charity care. OHSU witnessed a whopping 61 percent decline while Legacy Emanuel was not far behind with a 50 percent savings.

The first quarter of 2015 revealed some striking financial gains for Oregon’s acute care hospitals.

Nov 24 2015
As Moda Health seeks to find its financial footing, money challenges prompt Health Republic to exit the Oregon market, but Regence BlueCross BlueShield is thriving

This is shaping up to be a tortoise-and-hare year for Oregon’s health insurance companies.

Nov 18 2015
Paul Terdal is arguing that Kaiser Foundation Health Plan is a healthcare services contractor as opposed to an insurer, which might expose Kaiser to the liabilities of the Unlawful Trade Act which otherwise exempts insurers. The dispute arises from old claims for autism treatment which Terdal paid himself.

It’s long been assumed that Oregon’s health insurers are beyond the reach of most civil litigation -- the insurance industry is specifically exempt from the Unlawful Trade Practices Act, the state’s primary civil fraud protection, and plaintiffs can only recoup actual monetary damages from a hand

Dr. Doug Walta, recently retired chief executive of clinical programs, physician strategy, outreach and diversity for Providence Health & Services painted a bleak picture for Portland State University and Oregon Health Sciences University students preparing for careers in healthcare at a recent Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School lecture.

America provides the world’s highest-priced care with the lowest life expectancy of developed countries, with half of all bankruptcies related to healthcare costs, while one in seven Medicare beneficiaries is harmed while hospitalized, Dr. Douglas Walta told students last week.

Part of the care includes an evidence based substance that turns teeth black.

Advantage Dental is launching a landmark project next year to reduce unnecessary trips to the emergency room and provide children and pregnant women with a “dental home.”

Grover Norquist insists lobbyists and campaign contributions exert too much influence on the dental profession.

With more untreated tooth decay and periodontal disease than any other population group, the state of oral health among American Indians and Alaska Natives is simply unacceptable, according to Pam Johnson, oral health project specialist with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

Zenger Farms is looking for some qualified interns to join them this summer

Employers are looking to us as, “a useful resource for [the] recruiting of health care professionals.” They know that we reach a diverse pool of intelligent, motivated candidates; “One of our recently hired professionals learned about the job opening from the Lund Report listing,” Acumentra Healt

Learn more about how state officials intend to roll out this new benefit design at our December 3 breakfast forum.

Employers are eager to find cost-effective ways to lower their healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Study shows 4.3 percent average increase in lowest-cost silver plans from 2015 to 2016

New research counters many earlier predictions of widespread double-digit premium rate increases for consumers purchasing health insurance in

Winding Waters Clinic in Enterprise has been recognized by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) as a trail blazer in health system transformation.

At a public hearing in Portland last week, no one showed up to raise concerns.

Once Centene Corp. acquires Health Net next year in a multi-million dollar acquisition early next year, what’s likely to show up on its balance sheet?

Centene could have its eyes on yet another coordinated care organization, after purchasing Trillium Community Health Plan in Lane County for $80 million in September, giving them 100,000 Medicaid members. Or, they might reach their tentacles into other markets in Oregon by appealing to self-insured employers and seeking government contracts.

Regence says it worked cooperatively with the commissioner to resolve the dispute.

Two Regence health plans in Washington have been fined by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler for failing to provide information about the impact of new Hepatitis C drug therapy costs.

Even though health problems forced Denise Scott to retire several years ago, she feels “very blessed” because her medicine is still relatively inexpensive and a subsidy for low-income Medicare beneficiaries covers the full cost of her monthly drug plan premiums.

What kind of care do you want at the end of your life?

Stanford University researchers put that question to members of three major ethnic groups in the San Francisco Bay area and found little variation in their responses.

Many primary care practitioners will be a little poorer next year because of the expiration of a health law program that has been paying them a 10 percent bonus for caring for Medicare patients.

The growing abuse of prescription painkillers now touches home for a majority of Americans, according to a poll released Tuesday.