The leading health insurer has not directed money from its own PAC much yet this campaign season, instead working in tandem with our big businesses to support centrist Democrats and the Republican Party.
Regence BlueCross BlueShield has teamed up with a collection of business interests, including Koch Industries, to support conservative political action c
Jun 15 2018

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Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Democratic attorneys general elsewhere are left to defend the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions without the help of the U.S. Justice Department.
Jun 22 2018
Project Access Now has expanded the scope of its Pharmacy Bridge program beyond uninsured people. Oregon hospitals contributed $400,000 to fund the program for the fiscal year ending next week.
Jun 22 2018
The Oregon Department of Education is introducing a new gender option for students and teachers.Starting this September — the new school year — they’ll have the option of marking "X" for gender on school forms, instead of just "M" for male or "F" for female.
Jun 22 2018
This is the first of three articles about a Marion County, Ore., group’s approach to improving community health. They see it as a complex problem that requires a network of service providers working together to improve individuals’ lives, strengthen communities and reduce the cost of care. And that’s just what they’re doing – with some success.
Jun 20 2018
The market for the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis — CBD — is growing rapidly.
Jun 22 2018
Come check out our other great jobs from Greenfield Health, AARP Oregon, PacificSource and more.
WesternU Health needs a Lead Physician for th
Jun 20 2018
Purdue Pharma left almost nothing to chance in its whirlwind marketing of its new painkiller OxyContin.
Jun 20 2018
Marty Wilde, the executive director of the Lane County Medical Society, hopes to bring his experience in the healthcare field to the Capitol. He is favored to replace Rep. Phil Barnhart, the longest-serving Democrat in the Oregon House.
Fresh off his close victory in a Eugene state representative primary, Marty Wilde abounds with energy and enthusiasm.
Jun 11 2018
California legalized marijuana in 2016, and this past New Year’s Eve eager customers lined up in the darkness outside medical marijuana dispensaries across the state, ready to start shopping at the stroke of midnight.
Jun 8 2018
Landmark Childhood Cancer Prevention Legislation Signed into Law
The most comprehensive childhood cancer prevention legislation Congress has ever passed was signed into law last week.
Jun 13 2018
CORVALLIS, Ore. – Web page articles and other written materials designed to encourage physical activity are often too difficult to be easily read and understood by most U.S. adults, limiting their effectiveness, new research from Oregon State University shows.
Jun 13 2018
Veteran staffer Ali Hassoun took over June 1 as interim administrator of the Oregon Educators Benefit Board and the Public Employee Benefit Board.
Jun 6 2018
The number of overdose deaths have declined in Oregon, bucking the national trend. Prescription opioid use is down a quarter since 2013, and the number of queries to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program have increased.
Jun 4 2018


Nichole June Maher will leave this summer, after six years leading the Northwest Health Foundation.
Jun 6 2018
The motto for my administration is taken from the Latin phrase Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus, which translated means: “What shall we give in return for receiving so much?”
Jun 6 2018

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A new federal law requires Medicaid service providers to clock in and out to track time and location when they serve clients. The policy is intended to prevent fraud but it’s causing privacy concerns in other states.
May 31 2018