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With PeaceHealth expected to face financial losses, insiders speculate that possible deterioration of the Catholic nonprofit’s bond rating could prompt renewed merger talks with Providence.

PeaceHealth the healthcare giant based in Vancouver, Wash., appears to be on a downward spiral, with news that two more high level executives have handed in their resignations.

Apr 21 2017
The data reveals an increase in charity care spending that seems to coincide with a decline in Medicaid enrollment last year. But there was wide variation across the state, with some rural hospitals still seeing charity care expenses continue to fall.

More patients struggled to pay their hospital bills in 2016 than the year before, in yet further evidence of a slight retrenchment in Affordable Care Act gains, according to a Lund Report analysis of financial data reported to the state.

Apr 19 2017
The legislation was sent back to the Rules Committee, making its future less certain. House Speaker Tina Kotek believes she has a workable compromise that will appease the Coalition for a Healthy Oregon while still demanding that CCOs open up their board meetings to the public.

A coalition of for-profit coordinated care organizations and physicians groups, led by lobbyist Paul Phillips of Pac/West Communications, is pitting its clout against Rep.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has taken over medical cannabis licensing from the Oregon Health Authority, bringing regulations that have slowed access for patients. Meanwhile, profits are prompting medical growers to switch to recreational sales.

Without cannabis oil to treat her rare brain disease, Janice Patten has lost the ability to walk, one of her arms is paralyzed and she can’t see out of one eye.  

As regulators allege that Zoom Health Plan’s financial statements claimed capital not actually on the books, officials with the company bemoan the uncertainty of the political environment, saying Trump and Congress prompted them to leave the insurance business.

Less than two weeks after Zoom Health Plan Inc. announced it would bring an end to its short-lived health insurance plan, the regulators who descended to oversee that company’s exit are suing over the company’s financial management, and seeking to recover $3 million from a related business.

Only limited fracking has ever been conducted in Oregon, but Democrats argue that current regulations on potential hydraulic fracturing are insufficient, and could set up the state for problems experienced in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. Passing the Senate could be a challenge, however.

The Oregon House voted 32-26 on Tuesday to put a 10-year moratorium on fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, a risky style of natural gas extraction that has led to minor earthquakes and contaminated water in other states.

Republicans and Democrats from the Oregon Legislature gathered Tuesday at the Oregon Health Forum’s Salem breakfast event.

Legislators from both houses and both sides of the political aisle shared their aspirations and expectations for the current session at an Oregon Health Forum breakfast event on Tuesday morning.

National University of Natural Medicine is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school established in North America. Its programs blend traditional healing knowledge with modern science in challenging curricula.

A more thorough fiscal analysis of HB 2387 will be conducted in the Committee on Ways & Means. The amended version sets up an account for drug manufactures to issue rebates for excessively priced drugs, which will be used to repay health insurers.

A bill regulating the price of medications in Oregon passed out of the House Health Committee by its filing deadline Monday, ensuring that the groundbreaking legislation will live to see another day.

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Pressure from industry groups left the Environment Committee with a bill that will do little more than hand out money from the Volkswagen settlement to replace old engines. Sen. Dembrow wanted a tougher bill that would require off-road equipment to register as cars and trucks do, and phase-out the use of outdated diesel engines that poison the air.

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee managed to pass only a gutted version of a bill to take dirty diesel engines out of Oregon, but chief sponsor Sen.

Researchers from the Rand Corporation showcased the results of a $300,000 study Oregon funded two years ago. It examined different methods of improving the healthcare financing system in the state.

The state’s single-payer activists made their annual descent on Salem on Thursday, championing their perennial legislation to implement publicly financed, privately delivered healthcare -- this time accompanied by new research from the Rand Corporation, showing that the state could give everyone