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Of the state’s largest hospitals, 19 saw operating profits fall in the third quarter of 2016, according to an updated Lund Report analysis.

Correction: Due to a spreadsheet error, The Lund Report incorrectly reported rises in profits at a number of hospitals that, in fact, saw profits fall from the third quarter of 2015 to the third quarter of 2016.

Mar 16 2017
Analysis of people buying marketplace insurance shows that those earning $20,000 per year would lose the most, financially, while those in Portland would fare better than those in rural eastern Oregon

Oregon’s poor and rural residents, and those who are just a few years too young to qualify for Medicare, would lose the most under the Republican-proposed American Health Care Act currently working its way through the U.S. Congress.

Mar 14 2017
Speaking in Portland on Wednesday morning, experts from Washington, D.C., and Oregon healthcare leaders spelled out concerns that the American Health Care Act could roll back gains, cost the state heavily

The Republican-backed healthcare overhaul that’s working its way through Congress this week would likely force huge spending cuts and leave thousands of people uninsured in Oregon if it’s approved – but many other changes being pushed in the legislation are unlikely to pass the Senate, panelists

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a series of amendments that would moderate the impacts on Medicaid, particularly for long-term care services for the elderly and disabled. But without any changes, these services would see a $150 million cut and middle-income seniors would bear the heaviest cost in the individual health market.

The Republican health bill up for a vote in Congress tomorrow could come down hardest on seniors and people with disabilities, cutting $150 million from state programs and capping the amount of money the state can spend on long-term care services.

When health insurers use coinsurance percentages to determine out-of-pocket costs to consumers, their bills can be wildly unpredictable and often prohibitively expensive. SB 237 would require that health insurers offer fixed copayments for prescription drugs in at least 25 percent of their plans.

Patient advocates have put forth a proposal that would require health insurers on the insurance exchange and in the employer market to design at least a quarter of their health plans to use only predictable copayments for prescription drugs rather than requiring consumers to pay coinsurance or fa

The House Health Committee is considering legislation that would allow pharmacists to dispense additional types of contraception without a doctor’s note, as well as a bill that will require the Oregon Health Plan to set up billing codes to allow hospitals to be paid for inserting IUDs after mothers have given birth.

The Legislature’s two physicians are backing legislation that would further increase access to birth control, pushing Oregon further to the forefront of women’s reproductive healthcare.

This event is being held at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem

Which health policy bills are likely to survive in the Legislature? You can get a firsthand account by attending a breakfast forum with legislators on April 25.

Check out our latest postings from Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network, Salem Clinic, The Portland Clinic, Health Share of Oregon and Oregon Patient Safety Commission.

Oregon Integrated Health is a team of clinical providers focused on integrative primary care. They work with a large demographic of Oregon Health Plan patients.

Consumers urgently need a comprehensive solution to rising healthcare costs, and the AHCA not only doesn’t get us there, the author contends.

OPINION -- I am increasingly concerned that Congress may be about to make a historic mistake that could raise costs and degrade the quality of healthcare for countless Oregonians—all without seriously taking on any of the myriad problems in our healthcare system.

It’s time for Oregon policymakers to stop whistling past the graveyard and fast track much needed legislation to end the opioid abuse epidemic, according to the author.

OPINION -- It will take more than wishful thinking and good intentions to end Oregon’s opioid abuse epidemic.

With prescription drug prices soaring and President Donald Trump vowing to take action, an old idea is gaining fresh traction: allowing Americans to buy medicines from foreign pharmacies at far lower prices.

Substance is found in cough medicines, other over-the-counter products

SALEM – The Oregon State Senate voted today to limit young people’s access to a common substance found in cough suppressants and other over-the-counter medications.

Bill would expand reproductive care access -- with abortion becoming a sticking point amongst religious healthcare providers

Guest Opinion-  Life comes with many shades of gray. When people confront tragedies and circumstances beyond their control, they have to make difficult choices that may shake their moral compass.

The American Healthcare Act, also known as Trumpcare or Ryancare, could leave rural hospitals in the lurch, causing them to hemorrhage money, as they did before the Affordable Care Act was enacted. Eighteen of these hospitals are in the district of Rep. Greg Walden, a chief supporter of the Obamacare replacement.

The state of Oregon projects that about 23,000 Oregonians in the healthcare industry could lose their jobs as result of the Republican healthcare bill, filling a critical hole in the analysis released Monday by the Congressional Budget Office.

House Bill 3391, the comprehensive reproductive health bill, requires abortion, vasectomies and contraceptive care be covered at no additional out-of-pocket costs to consumers, gives postpartum care to low-income unauthorized immigrants, and adds further clarity to stop insurers from discriminating against transgender individuals.

Providence Health Plan has threatened to pull out of the state health insurance market if they are forced to cover abortion services, citing First Amendment rights in an effort to block a bill that requires coverage of abortion and other reproductive health services with no additional cost-sharin