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Growing nonprofit ended 2015 fiscal year with $2.1 billion in assets, $156.6 million net revenue above expenses

In an era of hospital consolidation, one of the state’s newest mergers is underway between a large Portland-based chain and a small Willamette Valley community hospital.

Jul 20 2016
But vagueness about procedures and complexity make comparisons difficult, limit broad conclusions

For the first time, information is emerging about how much hospitals are paid for care they provide to patients with commercial health insurance.

Jul 13 2016
Silverton becoming part of the Legacy fold.

One of the state’s newest mergers is under way between large Portland-based Legacy Health and a small Willamette Valley community hospital.

The article that appeared in The Lund Report on July 13, 2016, "Prominent Physicians Leaving ZOOM+"  contained several erroneous statements.

The CEO’s total compensation drops to $1.65 million, but overall the nonprofit’s top workers see average hike of 8 percent

It pays to be at the top of the Legacy Health career ladder. The 23 top-paid workers at the nonprofit health system earned an average of $287,495 in base pay in the company’s 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Even with a Medicare for All Health Plan like the plan advocated by Bernie Sanders, hospital and pharmaceutical costs would continue to skyrocket without imposing some limits and access to care remains uneven for many reasons, according to the panelists who appeared at the breakfast forum sponsored by Oregon Health Forum last week. .

Our healthcare system is a fragile house of card and incremental reform is what’s needed. That’s the message delivered by a former legislator, Jim Thompson, to an Oregon Health Forum audience last week.

Proposed incentive programs for caregivers may offer more benefits to help deal with the workforce shortage in rural Oregon and for underserved populations in urban areas.

Like most healthcare providers in rural Oregon, the shortages are impacting the Virginia Garcia Health Center, which has seen a 400 percent growth in patients the past decade, mostly migrant and seasonal farm workers at its clinics in Washington and Yamhill counties.

Oregon has the fourth-highest rate of prescription pain killer abuse in the nation, so the state is implementing new guidelines that will require doctors to give lower doses and shorter prescriptions.

John is a carpenter, OPB is only using his first name for reasons that’ll become clear in this story.

The event brings together a panel of experts including practitioners and policy leaders who’d delve into the opioid epidemic and how it’s impacting Oregonians.

With the second highest rate of opioid drug abuse in the nation, Oregon has made national headlines

Check out all our new jobs from The Corvallis Clinic, PH Tech, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Project Access NOW, Multnomah County Health Department, and Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

PacificSource Health Plans has been a part of Oregon since 1933.

Sara Bubenik, M.D., went into the restroom of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center a few weeks ago and cried.

She was due back at her $11-per-hour job as a medical scribe, a note-taking shadow of the doctor that she could have been. But Bubenik  needed a few minutes to compose herself after an outright rejection from  the director of internal medicine for a chance to apply for his residency  program.

A sip of soda will become more expensive next year in Philadelphia, which recently became the second city in the United States to pass a tax on sugary beverages — after Berkeley voters passed one in 2014.

Recently 15 emerging health system leaders from across Oregon completed a year-long Clinical Innovation Fellows program as the state continues to innovate to reach the ultimate vision of a healthy Oregon.