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In this second story in a Lund Report series, we look at in-depth surveys of Columbia Pacific CCO, Jackson Care Connect and Yamhill Community Care

CareOregon's coordinated care organizations may all be run by a single nonprofit, but their members report very different experiences.

Dec 2 2016
Patient charges for abdomen and pelvis CT scans at Oregon hospitals are as much as three times more than at imaging centers within the same region. Dramatic price differences are also found both between facility types and within the same location.

Shocked by the high price of a CT scan at St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, a patient called around to local imaging centers and discovered that the rates were considerably less for the same procedure.

Nov 30 2016
This is the first story in a new Lund Report series, which will examine the results of in-depth surveys among members of the state’s coordinated care organizations

Patients of Grants Pass-based AllCare Health, one of Oregon’s 16 Medicaid-funded coordinated care organizations, are demographically different: they are more likely to be men, less likely to hold a post-graduate degree, and whiter than CCO members as a whole, across the state.

Nov 30 2016
The newly elected governor’s 2017-2019 budget increases the hospital assessment tax and restores an insurance tax to offset a $1 billion reduction in federal funding to Medicaid. Oregon Project Independence would lose funding, and the General Assistance Program for the homeless would end Gov. Kate Brown boldly called on Oregon to cover all children living in Oregon, regardless of immigration status.

Gov. Kate Brown’s budget for the next biennium calls for closing the Junction City state mental hospital, raising tobacco taxes and offering the Oregon Health Plan to immigrant children who live here without legal permission.

An Oregon Health Authority representative said submitted waivers are often concluded in the last hours of a presidential administration, adding hope that Oregon may get its giant Medicaid waiver and continue the work of the coordinated care organizations.

A state insurance panel is working on proposals to create special state-generated innovations to improve upon Obamacare, using an amendment to the Affordable Care Act from Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden.

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Bend, Ore.-based St. Charles Health System administrators announced Monday that the system is closing the Center for Women's Health in Bend, according to The Bulletin.

Hospital administrators attributed the closure to staffing issues.

With their party gaining control of both the White House and Congress, some Republican voters are growing hesitant about outright abolition of the Affordable Care Act and instead favoring a more circumspect approach of scaling it back, according to a poll released Thursday.

Pre-exiting conditions can sway some opinions Many obamacare provisions remain broadly popular across party lines, but not its mandate

The first Kaiser Health Tracking Poll since the 2016 election finds that Americans are largely divided on the future of the Affordable Care Act even though many of the law’s major provisions remain quite popular across party lines.

OHSU researchers compare prevalence of aquaporin-4 in the brains of those who had Alzheimer's disease to those who didn't have the disease

PORTLAND, Ore. – A new scientific discovery may provide a future avenue for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

The state agency has hired 862 more employees since 2013 and increased salaries on upper management by 18 percent, helping to drive a 29 percent overall increase in payroll.

The Oregon Health Authority has increased spending on employee salaries by 29 percent since 2013, including an 18 percent increase on the salaries of upper management, even as it forecasts a hole of $1.1 billion for the 2017-2019 biennium.

This article follows “A tale of two systems”, published in a prior edition of The Lund Report. This article explains the first fundamental change necessary for successful management of healthcare delivery. It is also the first principle of the Curandi Model™, a “systems thinking” approach to healthcare reform.

OPINION-- Within healthcare delivery the patient-centered primary care home is improving care and lowering cost. And, in social services, co-location with clinical services similarly improves outcomes and lower cost. Why aren’t these innovative micro-system improvements resulting in premium decreases?

This op-ed was originally published in January 2010, before the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Yet, the main point holds -- the healthcare debate is a debate about values (who deserves healthcare and what they need to do to be deserving) not about healthcare per se.

Last year I was on a committee of the Institute of Medicine. Our task was to provide the most recent data on the consequences of 47 million uninsured people in America. What could we say? We provided lots of data and agreed with the conclusion of a previous committee that " .. health insurance contributes essentially to obtaining the kind and quality of healthcare that can express the equality and dignity of every person.

The chief operating officer announced her sudden departure in a memo to employees.

The sudden resignation of Beth O’Brien, chief operating officer of PeaceHealth, comes just weeks after three top-level executives at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart, lost their jobs.

In his Wall Street Journal Think Tank column, Drew Altman discusses how Republicans will assume ownership of health care’s policy and political problems as they assume control, and how that may affect their plans for the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare.