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With PeaceHealth expected to face financial losses, insiders speculate that possible deterioration of the Catholic nonprofit’s bond rating could prompt renewed merger talks with Providence.

PeaceHealth the healthcare giant based in Vancouver, Wash., appears to be on a downward spiral, with news that two more high level executives have handed in their resignations.

Apr 21 2017
The data reveals an increase in charity care spending that seems to coincide with a decline in Medicaid enrollment last year. But there was wide variation across the state, with some rural hospitals still seeing charity care expenses continue to fall.

More patients struggled to pay their hospital bills in 2016 than the year before, in yet further evidence of a slight retrenchment in Affordable Care Act gains, according to a Lund Report analysis of financial data reported to the state.

Apr 19 2017
Researchers from the Rand Corporation showcased the results of a $300,000 study Oregon funded two years ago. It examined different methods of improving the healthcare financing system in the state.

The state’s single-payer activists made their annual descent on Salem on Thursday, championing their perennial legislation to implement publicly financed, privately delivered healthcare -- this time accompanied by new research from the Rand Corporation, showing that the state could give everyone

Rep. Mitch Greenlick quashed a very similar bill two years ago because it would have opened the door for non-physicians to run for-profit medical clinics, which he does not believe are as good for patients as nonprofit clinics.

The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a measure designed to expand healthcare access in underserved rural areas, by loosening the standards for operating for-profit health clinics.

A more thorough fiscal analysis of HB 2387 will be conducted in the Committee on Ways & Means. The amended version sets up an account for drug manufactures to issue rebates for excessively priced drugs, which will be used to repay health insurers.

A bill regulating the price of medications in Oregon passed out of the House Health Committee by its filing deadline Monday, ensuring that the groundbreaking legislation will live to see another day.

The event is being held on April 25 at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem.

You still have an opportunity to sign up for the Oregon Health Forum legislative breakfast but tickets are going fast. 

The House Health Committee chairman has tried for four years to subject the state’s Medicaid-backed coordinated care organizations to public meetings law. HB 2122 will do that, as well as ensure reserves are spent on health-related expenses and investments, and will require any new CCOs to be non-profit.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has shepherded out of his committee a bill designed to reform the state’s coordinated care organizations.

Pressure from industry groups left the Environment Committee with a bill that will do little more than hand out money from the Volkswagen settlement to replace old engines. Sen. Dembrow wanted a tougher bill that would require off-road equipment to register as cars and trucks do, and phase-out the use of outdated diesel engines that poison the air.

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee managed to pass only a gutted version of a bill to take dirty diesel engines out of Oregon, but chief sponsor Sen.

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The Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network is a managed behavioral healthcare organization serving Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Members.

Deaf individuals and their supporters report a tremendous dearth of mental health services for people who use sign language, leaving this group of people exceedingly isolated. HB 3415 would task the Oregon Health Authority with coordinating services and making sure the state has enough mental health providers who can communicate with the deaf.

Imagine living every day surrounded by neighbors and family members who cannot understand your language. Then imagine being shut out of counseling or talk therapy because few behavioral health providers speak that language, either.

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The account will open with no dollars attached -- awaiting passage of another bill with funding from the state or private sources.

The House passed a bill 54-4 on Wednesday, setting up a Residential Solid Fuel Heating Air Quality Improvement Fund, which will give grants to homeowners and others to help them switch away from dirty wood stoves to cleaner sources of heating.

Democrats and one Republican supported HB 2339, protecting consumers by requiring that unexpected out-of-network bills be set at 1.75 times Medicare. Republicans wanted payment rates set based on average market costs.

The House narrowly passed a bill 36 to 22 on Wednesday to protect patients from getting huge, surprise medical bills when they unintentionally and/or unexpectedly receive care from a provider not covered by their health insurance plan.

The drug takeback kiosks will help consumers remove the glut of excess opioids and other medications from society, cutting off access for would-be addicts and protecting the water supply. A partisan furor broke out over how best to do this.

A divided House Health Committee passed a bill on a 5-3 vote to make it easier for people to dispose of excess medications, in an effort to curtail the opioid epidemic and to prevent drugs from contaminating the environment.