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The partnership between OHSU and Salem Health is also taking shape with a new management company coming on board.

The joint venture between Moda Health and OHSU is picking up steam. Their collaborative approach, better known as Synergy, has garnered 5,300 primary care physicians and specialists in a shared risk model and covers 12,000 members – PEBB, OEBB, Precision Castparts, OHSU, Moda and others, according to a memo sent to physicians last Friday.

Apr 21 2015
After insurers targeted Adventist Medical Center, the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems teamed up with the Oregon Ambulatory Surgery Centers to support a bill ending the chaotic practice of sending checks to patients when the insurer has been billed by an out-of-network provider.

The Oregon Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would require health insurance companies to send payments directly to the healthcare provider, and not the patient -- something currently practiced by Regence BlueCross BlueShield, Lifewise Health Plan and UnitedHealthCare, and possibly other insurance companies.

Apr 17 2015
HB 3343, promoted by Planned Parenthood, would cut down on the trips women need to take to the pharmacy and could reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies by as much as 30 percent, according to one study. A separate effort could allow pharmacists to provide the medication with a prescription from behind the counter, similar to Sudafed.

A woman eligible for the Oregon Health Plan or the Oregon Contraceptive Care program can get a year’s supply of birth control pills at a single pharmacy visit.

Once OHSU meets the challenge, it will have $1 billion devoted to cancer research.

The foundation at Oregon Health & Science University is within shooting distance of meeting the $500 million challenge grant from Phil and Penny Knight.

President Joe Robertson announced at yesterday’s OHSU board meeting that victory was imminent, with $465 million raised to date.

Concerns about the alarming rate of house demolitions in Portland revealed loopholes in environmental laws that allowed these older structures to be torn down without any inspection as to whether neighbors are exposed to airborne carcinogens like asbestos and lead.

Vintage houses all across Portland are being razed at an alarming rate, raising the possibility that residents could be exposed to airborne asbestos or lead paint.

Rep. Mark Johnson sponsored a bill that could produce legislation in 2016 to help the state cut down on a key source of air pollution. Oregon’s poor air quality in some parts of the state put it at risk of sanctions from the federal government.

The House passed a bill Thursday asking the Department of Environmental Quality to study and develop ways to combat a public health nuisance -- wood smoke.

Pharmacists and insurers urge those managing pharmacy benefits to support Legislation making clinical pharmacists a part of interdisciplinary medical care teams.

Stacy Ramirez is a faculty member at Oregon State University, yet spends the majority of her time in clinical practice working with primary care homes in Benton and Linn Counties.

Information Provided By Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette has been serving the reproductive health care needs for people in Oregon and SW Washington since 1963. We are advocates of education and provide medically accurate, age-appropriate sexual health education to young people to help them make informed and empowered decisions about their health and future.

PPCW is planning to open a new health center in Milwaukie, Oregon in summer 2015. Clackamas County has a substantial need for affordable health care and this new health center will allow us to provide critically-needed health services to as many as 7,000 residents.

Under SB 469, hospitals will be bound by the recommendations of their nurse staffing committees, which craft plans for staffing levels. The bill now heads to the Committee on Ways & Means to provide more funding for state hospital audits that hold hospitals accountable for compliance.

Oregon hospitals look like they’ll be facing a tougher nurse staffing law after the Senate Health Committee approved Senate Bill 469 unanimously on Monday, sending the bill to the legislative budget c

A compromise measure from Sen. Steiner Hayward that would have opened up health insurance tools with price information to all consumers won the needed support of Sen. Monnes Anderson, but last-minute pressure on the state’s top lawmaker stopped the price transparency bill dead in its tracks.

Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, halted a legislative effort to force hospitals and health insurers to be more candid about their prices following closed-door negotiations with their influential lobbyists.

The move rankled some in Courtney’s caucus who have been steeling for greater reforms after Oregon was given an F along with 44 other states by the Catalyst for Payment Reform, a national organization that scores states on price transparency.