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Central Oregon nonprofit spends on hospitals that had not seen upgrades since the mid-20th century, also invests in IT, equipment.

Big investments are under way at some of Oregon’s smallest hospitals.

Jul 28 2016
Growing nonprofit ended 2015 fiscal year with $2.1 billion in assets, $156.6 million net revenue above expenses

In an era of hospital consolidation, one of the state’s newest mergers is underway between a large Portland-based chain and a small Willamette Valley community hospital.

Jul 20 2016

After the Department of Consumer and Business Services issued an Order against ZOOM Health Plan on Wednesday for refusing to accept the maximum co-payments paid by

OPINION -- We all know that health care still costs too much and delivers too little. The very least we can do is make sure consumers can get prices up front, to enable more informed decisions about value and encourage price competition that could help keep costs in check.

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Are you a trained Physician? Are you interested in working with underserved communities? If so, Native American Rehabilitation Association might be a good fit.

The event brings together a panel of experts including practitioners and policy leaders who’d delve into the opioid epidemic and how it’s impacting Oregonians.

With the second highest rate of opioid drug abuse in the nation, Oregon has made national headlines – something everyone involved in healthcare is well aware of. What’s being done to stem this tide? How can practitioners and policymakers get a handle on this epidemic?

For the last few years, the U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating Oregon’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

At least in part because of confrontations between law enforcement and people with mental illnesses.

The Physician Hospitals of America (PHA), the leading organization representing physician-owned hospitals (POHs) across the country, congratulates those hospitals with physician ownership who received high marks for their quality patient care in the new Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating program unveiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on July 27.

Nonprofit hospital chain upgrades old buildings, buys new technology

A massive $177 million capital investment effort is under way at the St. Charles Health System.

With uncompensated care down by more than half across Central Oregon chain, profits climb even when revenues dip

The Affordable Care Act appears to be bolstering the bottom line at the four hospitals in Central-Oregon based St. Charles Health System’s network.

During the same time period, charity care declined by 29.1 percent, according to financial reports released by the Oregon Health Authority

The profitability of Oregon hospitals has exceeded all expectations, with charity care reaching rock bottom, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this week, the Oregon Health Authority released the latest figures comparing data from fiscal 2014 and 2015 that show:

The federal government released its first overall hospital quality rating on Wednesday, slapping average or below average scores on many of the nation’s best-known hospitals while awarding top scores to dozens of unheralded ones.

More public health spending could reduce those costs, according to state officials.

The estimated benefits of investing in communicable disease control, environmental health and organizational infrastructure in public health could save lives and avert costs associated with illness and death based on national research.

State agencies submitting budget requests for the next biennium are facing the challenge of planning for both growth and cutbacks, according to George Naughton, Oregon's chief financial officer and acting chief operating officer.