Counselors, case managers and others at one of Oregon’s largest non-profit mental health providers who have long complained about being underpaid will cast ballots on Thursday.
Workers at one of Oregon’s largest non-profit behavioral health providers will vote Thursday on whether to form a union after complaining for years of being overworked and underpaid.
Oct 17 2018

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Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, told insurance executives: “We face tremendous barriers to supporting and bringing innovation to Medicare."
The Trump administration’s top Medicare official has slammed the federal health program as riddled with problems that hinder care to beneficiaries, increase costs for taxpayers and escalate fraud and abuse.
Oct 17 2018
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Briefly: OHSU Appoints Senior VP, COO of OHSU Healthcare
Jul 18 2018

Maria Loock.jpg

A complaint filed by Maria Loock claims her doctor’s negligence allowed her breast cancer to return, becoming incurable.
    A woman dying of cancer is suing two Portland-area doctors, Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland Clinic for more than $10 million, accusing them of negligence in treating her breast cancer.
Oct 12 2018
The Affordable Care Act cut billions of dollars to the plans but they're still flourishing, doubling enrollment to more than 20 million since 2010.
Health care experts widely expected the Affordable Care Act to hobble Medicare Advantage, the government-funded private health plans that millions of seniors have chosen as an alternative to original Medicare.
Oct 15 2018
A study published in JAMA Network Open found that many dietary supplements contained hidden active ingredients that are unsafe or unstudied.
Everyone has seen the ads or the products on the shelves.
Oct 15 2018

Pharmacy by Joanna Poe CC.jpg

Pharmacists have been prevented from telling consumers when the cash price for a drug is lower than the cost through their insurer. But critics say this will not affect the causes of high drug prices.
For years, most pharmacists couldn’t give customers even a clue about an easy way to save money on prescription drugs. But the restraints are coming off.
Oct 10 2018
Dr. Sanjiv Kaul will relinquish leadership of the Knight Cardiovascular Institute to focus solely on research starting on Jan. 1.
Just over a month after the collapse of Oregon Health & Science University's heart transplant team, the university's top cardiologist is shedding his leadership role.
Oct 3 2018

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The country's biggest generation is shifting towards the convenience, fast service, connectivity and price transparency of walk-in clinics and telemedicine visits.
Calvin Brown doesn’t have a primary care doctor — and the peripatetic 23-year-old doesn’t want one.
Oct 9 2018

McKenzie Willamette Medical Center by Christian Wihtol.jpg

McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield is embroiled in a nurse staffing dispute, with critics claiming it makes profits through understaffing.
Oregon’s most profitable hospital, McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, sits in an unlikely spot in the center of blue-collar Springfield, hemmed in by old strip malls and modest residential neighborhoods.
Oct 1 2018

Esther Choo 1.jpg

Dr. Esther Choo, an emergency department physician and researcher at Oregon Health & Science University, says the gender gap in medicine is not going away.
Dr. Esther Choo came armed with data, which she flashed across the giant screen, study after study.
Sep 30 2018

St. Charles Health System Bend.jpg

Nurses' complaint triggers Oregon Health Authority investigation of St. Charles Health System in Bend.
A team of experts has investigated the operating room at St. Charles Bend, the state's only high-level trauma center east of the Cascades. This came after nurses filed another complaint with the Oregon Health Authority in late September.
Oct 9 2018

Kate Brown by Julie Sabatier OPB.jpg

Oregon's governor has been in office four years yet faces a competitive race.
When Gov. Kate Brown was first swept into office by scandal, she benefited from comparisons to the man she was replacing, Gov. John Kitzhaber. Reporters often characterized Kitzhaber as a lone wolf, a policy wonk, private. Brown was different.
Oct 1 2018

Dr Jacob Abraham with heart.jpg

The two hospital groups are discussing a range of possibilities to serve heart failure patients after the implosion of Oregon Health & Science University’s heart transplant program.
Providence’s leading heart failure specialist, Dr. Jacob Abraham, is a busy man. He sees patients and conducts research, recently helped oversee a clinical trial of a device that repairs a heart valve, increasing the life and survival rates of patients with few options.
Sep 26 2018
A study shows that although smoking marijuana remains the favorite method of consuming marijuana among teens, that some are edible and vaporized weed.
There is no doubt that some high school students will try to get high. However, the ways they’re doing it might be changing.
Oct 1 2018
The final version of the bill would give the Food and Drug Administration new powers to crack down on drug imports but would shield people who are just trying to get cheaper drugs from other countries.
The final version of the massive opioid bill Congress released this week would grant the Food and Drug Administration new powers to crack down on drug imports, but it also includes a provision — nearly killed in the Senate — to shield people who are just trying to buy cheaper, needed prescription
Sep 28 2018

Doernbecher Children's Hospital.jpg

The three-month-old died after surgery for a congenital heart defect and being taken off a ventilator in the pediatric intensive care unit.
The family of a baby with a congenital heart defect who died after treatment is suing Oregon Health & Science University for negligence. The complaint, filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court, seeks $8 million in damages.
Sep 18 2018
The same procedures often cost five times more in rural areas as they do in Portland metro hospitals, according to a Lund Report analysis of insurance claims data.
A hospital billing database that’s been in development for years is beginning to shed light on the huge variation in the cost of medical care across Oregon.
Aug 16 2018
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Press Release: Health Management Forum: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health Electronic Health Records
Sep 25 2018
The bipartisan group, which includes officials from the Oregon Health Authority, providers and insurers, have come with a proposal that could be a framework for a bill in 2019.
A legislative task force has taken a crack at attacking rising health care costs. 
Sep 12 2018
Many without insurance qualify for Medicaid and up to one-half of those with insurance are not fully covered because their deductibles or expenses are too high.
The percentage of Oregonians without health insurance has stagnated in the past two years, new data show.
Sep 10 2018