A judge in Texas ruled against the Affordable Care Act in a case brought by 18 Republican state attorneys general and two GOP governors, but the decision will be repealed.
The future of the Affordable Care Act is threatened — again — this time by a ruling Friday from a federal district court judge in Texas.
Dec 17 2018

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Five Oregon lawmakers, Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson and Reps. Mitch Greenlick, Cedric Hayden, Rob Nosse and Alissa Keny-Guyer, discussed bills addressing everything from mental health to drug costs to oral health education that they plan to submit in the session which starts in January.
A six-month legislative session kicks off in January, and policymakers plan to introduce robust health care legislation.
Dec 11 2018
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Briefly: Oregon's Health Insurance Enrollment Lags By 15 percent
Dec 12 2018
An analysis by the Secretary of State’s Office found that a program that collects prescription information has loopholes that prevent it being used to stem the opioid epidemic.
The Oregon Health Authority adopted a prescription monitoring program in 2011 to help prevent the abuse of controlled substances like opioids and help ensure that prescription medicines are used safely. 
Dec 11 2018
The group, which has been meeting since January, acknowledged that Oregon is not likely to adopt universal care anytime soon but it pointed towards that goal by offering initial steps.
Creating a “universal” state-run health care insurance system in Oregon is a monumental task and it’s unclear whether a majority of Oregonians even favor such a radical change, but a legislative work group this week offered some baby steps for the 2019 Legislature to consider.
Dec 12 2018
Oregon has chosen a familiar face to lead the state's Medicaid program as it heads towards the next phase, with a focus on mental health, value-based payments that reward outcomes instead of performing procedures and social determinants of health like housing.
Oregon’s former Medicaid director Lori Coyner will return to the role on Jan. 28, filling the vacancy she left in 2017.
Dec 12 2018

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Angela Lautner knew her thirst was unusual, even for someone directing airplanes, outside in the Memphis summer heat.
Dec 12 2018
Three months after the heart transplant unit imploded, four outside specialists are launching what's called a "peer review," a confidential process that will look at what when went wrong in the unit and the Knight Cardiovascular Institute and make recommendations on how to move forward.
When its heart transplant program imploded in August, Oregon Health & Science University promised a peer review to get to the root of the problems that led to the departure of its four heart failure cardiologists and the need to transfer hun
Dec 9 2018

Peter Barr-Gillespie OHSU.jpg

Peter Barr-Gillespie will earn $500,000 in his new role overseeing research at Oregon Health & Science University and advising President Dr. Danny Jacobs.
Oregon Health & Science University’s new president has appointed one of the university’s top scientists his chief advisor on research strategy and a member of the executive team.
Dec 7 2018
Guidelines discussed Wednesday would align recommendations for opioid prescribing for back pain and five other chronic pain conditions, adding new treatments like yoga, behavioral therapy and massage.
After an uproar from patients, an Oregon pain advisory committee has abandoned a proposal to taper chronic pain Medicaid patients off opioids altogether.
Dec 5 2018

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The Yamhill County Medicaid insurer will switch to another third party administrator in January in a move that the CEO says will save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
A multimillion-dollar administrative deal between two Oregon Medicaid insurers is ending.
Dec 4 2018
The state has the highest mortality rate in the country but a move by the Oregon Health Authority to expand expensive treatment could wipe out the virus, if medical modeling is correct.
The Oregon Health Authority is moving to expand treatment for hepatitis C to everyone on the Oregon Health Plan who’s infected.
Dec 3 2018

Liquor store in Beaverton Lynne Terry.jpg

Brown did not ask for a tax on beer or wine in her budget but it does seek a 5 percent increase in the liquor markup -- now at 104 percent -- and a plan to double alcohol licensing fees.
As she finalized her budget proposal for the next two years, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown made no secret of the fact she’d push for higher tobacco taxes, which she believes should play a larger role in funding health care.
Nov 30 2018

Peter Barr-Gillespie.OHSU_.jpg

A lead OHSU researcher joins the criticism against the use of gene editing of normal embryos, saying the CRISPR technology holds tremendous promise but needs to be used responsibly.
News broke this week from Hong Kong of the first gene-modified babies, born in China; the revelation struck close to home here at OHSU.
Nov 30 2018

Kate Brown by Oregon Department of Transportation.jpg

The governor's budget includes $722 million in revenues -- including raising the tobacco tax and increasing taxes on hospitals and insurers -- to plug the $830 million funding gap in Medicaid and ensure health care has stable funding over the next six years.
Gov. Kate Brown unveiled a $23.6 billion budget proposal Wednesday that plugs holes in state health funding, seeks to gain ground in an ongoing housing crisis, expands access to voting and sets aside millions for challenging the policies of President Donald Trump.
Nov 28 2018
The state announced that coverage areas in its next round of Medicaid coverage will be based on county lines, not Zip codes, though there may be exceptions.
The Oregon Health Authority announced coverage areas for the next round of the state’s Medicaid system on Wednesday based on county lines rather than Zip codes, which is the case now.
Nov 28 2018
Oregon health officials are weighing various options for enrollment and rates.
The Oregon Health Authority is three months out from requesting applications to manage the next overhaul of Oregon’s Medicaid program, but key logistics remain unclear.
Nov 19 2018

Mental health walk in clinic.jpg

Oregon’s Medicaid providers struggle to meet the demand for mental health care. As a result, patients in distress have to wait weeks for care.
Heika Wilson controlled her bipolar disorder for years with medication and regular visits to a therapist. When her husband developed his 3D printing business, she was there to help.
Nov 18 2018
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Oct 27 2018

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The Oregon Health Authority asked Gov. Kate Brown to hike taxes on beer and wine but she balked, saying it would be too hard a lift. But the issue is likely to come up again in the legislative session next year.
In their recent budget pitch, experts at the Oregon Health Authority were clear in declaring “excessive alcohol use” a scourge that fuels domestic violence and leads to birth defects, car wrecks, liver disease and cancer, killing some 2,000 people a year in Oregon.  
Dec 3 2018
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Press Release: Health Care For All Oregon Announces Interim Director
Dec 12 2018