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The CMS data revealed that 15,000 physicians prescribed drugs to 13,000 Medicare beneficiaries while Drs. Mary O’Hearn, Kiren Kresa-Reahl, Richard Kimani and Harry Krulewitch led the list. This chart below shows all 15,000 physicians and their drug costs.

In an unprecedented decision, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services has published comprehensive data showing which physicians and other healthcare providers prescribed the highest number of drugs – by cost, claim and their type – to Medicare beneficiaries.1

Jun 25 2015
Preliminary 2014 figures suggest CCO enrollments leave fewer patients unable to pay; meanwhile, tax filings reveal millions in compensation for nonprofit’s executives

How is healthcare reform helping – or hurting – the financial bottom line at Oregon’s hospitals? Are nonprofit healthcare organizations paying reasonable salaries to their top executives, or are the millions of dollars that hospital leaders earn each year unreasonable?

Jun 24 2015
A study first conceived by Sen. Michael Dembrow in 2013 that passed without funding, has repassed with $300,000 in state money after private donations came up short. Support for the study has a bipartisan history, but as a thorough and objective study comes closer to a reality, the political pressure mounts against it. The state money, however, is enough for the study to move forward.

The Oregon universal healthcare financing study bill cleared the top budget committee after a contentious hearing Monday, with $300,000 attached to design the best way of financing a universal healthcare system in Oregon.

Salem - The Oregon Insurance Division today released final decisions for 2016 individual and small employer health insurance rates.

Long-standing policy director Tina Edlund joins consulting firm

After announcing his retirement more than a year ago, Jack Friedman is finally bowing out as CEO of Providence Health Plan on July 1. Originally he planned to leave in January, but agreed to remain until his successor had been chosen.

Senator announces key findings that show individuals are exposed to harmful toxics on a daily basis, applauds state efforts

Eugene, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley was in Eugene today to call on Congress to quickly vote on the bipartisan Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act to keep our children safe from the toxic chemicals that they come in contact with on a daily basis.

Sen. Steiner Hayward argued that the information was essential to provide parents of kids who can’t be vaccinated to avoid putting them at risk of preventable diseases that could be carried by other kids simply because they’re not vaccinated. Each school will be required to conspicuously share data about vaccination rates, exposing those schools without herd immunity to greater public scrutiny.

The Senate Democrats and one Republican voted Tuesday to require all Oregon schools to share information about the school’s vaccination rate for preventable contagious diseases like polio and measles, providing parents with essential information to protect vulnerable children who cannot be vaccin

Oregon Health Co-op’s Prows reflects on Oregon’s past, future

Dr. Ralph Prows, who had been CEO of the Oregon Health CO-OP, has left Oregon after 22 years, with his wife, Susan, to head back to their roots in New Orleans. He’ll become president of Ochsner Health Network on July 8.

The Oregon Senate voted 16-13 to make smoke shops pay a user fee to cover the cost of their own licensure. Inspections and certification has been covered by diverting funds from tobacco prevention to ensure that cigar bars and other tobacco outlets are complying with their exception to the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act.

It seems absurd on the surface. When the state passed its Clean Indoor Air Act in 2007, it gave an exception to cigar bars and other smoke shops that focus on tobacco to continue to light up in their businesses, so long as they were certified to sell primarily tobacco products and built a closed ventilation system to protect other businesses from hazardous secondhand smoke.

The latest job postings including offerings by ATRIO Health Plans, Southwest Oregon IPA and Catholic Community Services.

Since we launched Health Hires the response has been better than ever!

Health Hires is a job board for healthcare employers and job seekers. At Health Hires, job seekers can browse open positions for free.

Recent polling by the Oregon Health Authority finds more and more physicians are taking the plunge, while the Oregon Medical Association seeks to redefine its role.

The number of employed physicians in Oregon is creeping up. A survey conducted by the Oregon Health Authority, in cooperation with the Oregon Medical Association, found that 51 percent of physician worked for a hospital, health insurer or health system in 2014.

The rape case at the University of Oregon spawns re-examination of FERPA rules, new Oregon privacy law

How assured can Oregon college students be about on-campus medical privacy when they return to school in the fall?

Perhaps a bit more than before, given legislation passed this June to tighten up student privacy records in cases of sexual abuse or assault.