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Senate Bill 526 outlines a process that patients and physicians could use to get health insurers to cover medications. Insurers often balk at the price of these drugs and try to force the patient to first try a cheaper alternative.

Patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies are backing legislation that would give physicians an easier time prescribing medication and bypassing “step-therapy” protocols, which health insurers use to limit the dispensation and purchase of high-cost drugs.

Feb 22 2017
The Oregon Psychological Association is trying to resolve the problem amicably

Psychologists find themselves at odds with insurance companies over reimbursement, and, for the first time, the Oregon Psychological Association is taking a pro-active stance.

“It’s getting more and more difficult to get reimbursed when people have serious mental health issues,” Shana Koslofsky, PhD, president of the Oregon Psychological Association, told The Lund Report. 

Feb 22 2017
Meanwhile employees at PeaceHealth Labs are receiving pink slips as Quest Diagnostics proceeds to take over.

The exact same scenario is playing out at Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories that happened to employees at PeaceHealth Labs one week ago.

PAML is alledgedly preparing  to meet with employees tomorrow afternoon from 1-3 the large classroom to announce that it's being purchased by Laboratory Corp. of America, an S&P company headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina. 

Feb 22 2017

Legislation introduced in the California Senate last week would set the state on a path toward the possible creation of a single-payer health care system ― a proposal that has failed to gain traction here in the past.

Feb 22 2017

Dale Marsh has not been enamored with his health insurance since the Affordable Care Act took effect. Premiums for Marsh, 53, and his wife, Tammy, rose, their deductibles grew, and they gave up access to their regular doctors to keep costs down.

Feb 22 2017
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Quest Center is a nonprofit agency dedicated to building and strengthening the community. They provide multidisciplinary and integrative healthcare in a community-based setting to people seeking wellness.

Feb 22 2017
Cost growth leaves us no choice but to challenge our fundamental assumptions. Our current approach generates more cost than value. We can shift how we integrate and take advantage of natural forces. This last article in the series points to a new platform grounded in today’s system science and experience.

OPINION- Today’s centralized networks cannot keep pace with the natural co-evolution of healthcare’s complex environment. What we know from system science and industry experience is that we need networks that can adapt and evolve with the environment.

Feb 22 2017

Oregon is in the midst of a syphilis epidemic according to the Oregon Health Authority. Cases of the disease have increased 2,000 percent over the last decade.

Back in 2007, syphilis had all but been eradicated in Oregon. There were just 26 cases.

Last year, there were close to 570.

Sean Shaffer with the OHA's Public Health Division said he’s very concerned.

“It is a big problem and in order for us to interrupt it, we really need the help of the healthcare providers to start asking their patients about some pretty direct questions"

Feb 22 2017
A bipartisan group of legislators wants to close the gap to get health insurance to 15,000 immigrant children living in Oregon who are currently barred from receiving care through the Children’s Health Insurance Program. But unless a budget solution arises, the state stands to end health coverage to 350,000 people it already serves

Gov. Kate Brown renewed her commitment on Monday to legislation that would expand the Oregon Health Plan to cover all income-eligible children living in Oregon, regardless of their immigration status.

Feb 21 2017

End-of-life counseling sessions, once decried by some conservative Republicans as “death panels,” gained steam among Medicare patients in 2016, the first year doctors could charge the federal program for the service.

Feb 17 2017