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Single payer healthcare will not save the world. It won’t even save Oregon. But it will save Oregon’s rapidly imploding healthcare system.

Apr 23 2018
The health benefit plan for teachers gave more than $10 million in incentives to members over the past four school years but was hampered in its attempts to verify whether the Healthy Futures program made members healthier or saved money.

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board spent $10.5 million on a wellness program its advisors now say didn’t show results in improving the health of its members, and OEBB had no way of knowing if it saved money on medical costs.

Apr 20 2018
The Oregon Health Care Association is picking sides in the May 15 Democratic primaries, giving money to veteran Sen. Rod Monroe and supporting Lane County Medical Society director Marty Wilde for an open seat in Eugene. The GOP is trying to fend off a candidate who has disparaged Jews and Muslims in its Eugene nomination.

The Oregon Health Care Association has waded into the 2018 primary season, supporting Marty Wilde, one of two Democrats battling to replace outgoing Rep.

Apr 20 2018
Come check out our other great jobs from Outside In, Planned Parenthood, Western Institute of Nursing, Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine, and more.

Oregon Rural Action is a force for progressive public policy and grass-roots democracy in Oregon. ORA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to promote social justice, agricultural and economic sustainability.

Apr 20 2018

On Friday, April 27, the Oregon Health Forum will host a panel discussion, “The Impact of Social Determinants on Health Outcomes,” in Portland.

Apr 20 2018

Growing up, M.J. Dunne spent weekends with her dad Tom.

Tom didn’t always have a stable address. For a while, he lived in the closet in the back of a Portland barber shop.

But he loved her, and they were close.

Apr 20 2018
Led by a Portland-based researcher, a new study digs into the cost of care across different cancers and populations.

The rising cost of cancer care, with new drugs priced at $100,000 or more a year, worries policymakers and analysts concerned about the high healthcare bill in the United States.

Apr 20 2018
All three finalists for the OHSU president’s job have been asked to deliver remarks on the same topic. Dr. Hess presented Wednesday, and the other finalists will be in Portland to present next week.

OHSU staff and faculty got their first up-close view Wednesday of Dr. Jay Hess, one of three finalists vying to replace retiring President Joe Robertson.

Apr 18 2018
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As medical inflation spikes back up to 6 to 7 percent a year after a lull linked to the recession, PEBB is having trouble keeping inflation at 3.4 percent, forcing benefit cuts, and calling into question the state’s ability to keep costs down purely through better coordination of care.

Oregon’s Public Employees Benefit Board debated a number of changes to its health package on Tuesday, attempting to keep costs under control without cutting benefits as the age of high medical inflation has returned.

Apr 18 2018
His was hired after a nationwide search, and announced his departure after only 13 months on the job.

Barely a year after taking a job as CEO of Oregon Health & Science University’s healthcare operations, Mitch Wasden has resigned.

Apr 18 2018