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Oregon is outpacing other states, with nearly 43,000 signups on, out of 2.3 million across the country. But to match last year, Oregon needs to double its enrollment by Dec. 15, while the nation must triple its own.

Midway through the open enrollment period for the individual health insurance market, Oregon is off to a hot start, but with only three weeks left till the normal window to sign up for 2018 closes on Dec. 15, the state may still fall short of 2017 enrollment.

Nov 22 2017
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Nov 17 2017
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Nov 17 2017
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Luke Dorf Behavioral Health needs a Mental Health Service Coordinator. Service Coordinators provide individual counseling, facilitates groups and coordinate individual clien

Nov 17 2017
The state has tried to work proactively with counties to get them to stop warehousing people in the state mental hospital when they are too sick to stand trial. This population, which has doubled in the past five years, sits at 190 after peaking last winter at 243.

The number of people sent to the state hospital pending criminal trials has declined from its alarming peak in 2016, but this population is still too high.

Nov 17 2017
We bring important issues to the forefront at our monthly breakfast forums.

Earlier this week, I attend the Oregon Health Forum breakfast on Oregon’s Addiction Services System. Judge Eric Bloch moderated the discussion.

Nov 17 2017
We can no longer afford to discard substance abuse programs from our health insurance benefits.

OPINION -- This was the first of many surprising conclusions discovered by our committee of citizens. We spent seven months attempting to understand Oregon’s addiction problem.

Nov 17 2017
Oregon Health Forum holds a debate on Ballot Measure 101 on Dec. 13, bringing together the proponents and opponents.

Oregon voters will decide on Jan. 23 whether to overturn $320 million in healthcare assessments intended to balance the state’s Medicaid budget.That vote takes place just two weeks prior to legislators convening in Salem again.

Nov 17 2017
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Amid outcries over exorbitant drug prices, the latest MS drug has been priced at $65,000 -- shy of the average of $78,000, but still several times higher than the $10,000 average in 1996. Drug manufacturers have hiked prices for other existing drugs even as new options have come on the market.

Expensive, complex drugs to treat Multiple Sclerosis are just getting more expensive, even as more options come onto the market.

Nov 17 2017
The former governor joined a drug court judge and others Wednesday morning to discuss Oregon's poor performance on recovery efforts, and how the state can do better.

Former Governor John Kitzhaber joined with proponents of a coordinated statewide look at addiction Wednesday, saying that only big thinking and new approaches will allow Oregon to rise from its spot as 49th of the 50 U.S.

Nov 15 2017