It would make abortion unaffordable for women, causing more unwanted children in Oregon.

Measure 106 is a bad bill. It does more than make abortion unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of women in Oregon. It is unaffordable for the taxpayers who vote for it.

Oct 19 2018
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Counselors, case managers and others at one of Oregon’s largest non-profit mental health providers are the latest in the sector to embrace unionizing.

Workers at one of Oregon’s largest non-profit behavioral health providers are unionizing after complaining for years of being overworked and underpaid.

Oct 17 2018
Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, told insurance executives: “We face tremendous barriers to supporting and bringing innovation to Medicare."

The Trump administration’s top Medicare official has slammed the federal health program as riddled with problems that hinder care to beneficiaries, increase costs for taxpayers and escalate fraud and abuse.

Oct 17 2018
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Oregon's regional approach to Medicaid
Health experts support the direction of the state’s latest health care policies but say it remains unclear how the state will get there.

Oregon has adopted a set of goals to reform health care, make Medicaid spending more efficient and improve the health of the one in four Oregonians covered by the insurance.

Oct 15 2018
A study published in JAMA Network Open found that many dietary supplements contained hidden active ingredients that are unsafe or unstudied.

Everyone has seen the ads or the products on the shelves.

Oct 15 2018
The Affordable Care Act cut billions of dollars to the plans but they're still flourishing, doubling enrollment to more than 20 million since 2010.

Health care experts widely expected the Affordable Care Act to hobble Medicare Advantage, the government-funded private health plans that millions of seniors have chosen as an alternative to original Medicare.

Oct 15 2018
Joe Ness, who's worked at Oregon Health & Science University since 2013, has been the interim chief since last November.

After a nationwide search, Oregon Health & Science University officials decided to go with their man already in the job.

Joe Ness, who's served nearly a year as the interim senior vice president and chief operating officer of OHSU Healthcare, now has the job permanently. 

Oct 13 2018
A complaint filed by Maria Loock claims her doctor’s negligence allowed her breast cancer to return, becoming incurable.



A woman dying of cancer is suing two Portland-area doctors, Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland Clinic for more than $10 million, accusing them of negligence in treating her breast cancer.

Oct 12 2018

If Oregonians pass Measure 106, hundreds of thousands of women will be unable to afford abortion. On October 26th, the City Club of Portland wants you to know why it opposes Measure 106 and why you should oppose it, too.

Oct 12 2018