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It's no secret that Oregon faces a serious work force shortage.In the next few years, 20 percent of physicians intend to retire, as do many other healthcare workers. 

Feb 22 2018
Learn what's being done to confront the healthcare workforce shortages at the breakfast forum sponsored by Oregon Health Forum.
Oregon faces a serious workforce shortage. In the next few years, 20 percent of physicians intend to retire, as do many other healthcare workers. 
Feb 21 2018
Come check out our other great jobs from Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, National University of Natural Medicine, ATRIO Health, Washington County, Salem Clinic, The Coalition of Community Health Clinics, and more.

Familias en Acciòn is seeking a permanent Executive Director to continue the growth and expansion of the health navigation and education services provided to Latino families and culturally responsi

Feb 21 2018
Five Democrats opposed the bill, while two Republicans supported the measure -- Rep. Julie Parrish of West Linn and Rep. Jeff Helfrich of Hood River. Chances of passage in the Senate may be narrower.

Legislation to increase transparency and accountability for coordinated care organizations has passed the Oregon House of Representatives on a narrow 32-26 vote, with five Democrats joining all but two Republicans presen

Feb 21 2018
Backers of HB 4005 were able to fight off excessive delays to a bill that would require pharmaceuticals to explain price hikes of over 10 percent per year.

The drug transparency bill passed out of a key budget subcommittee with just minor changes on a 6-2 vote Tuesday, setting up a vote in the Joint Committee on Ways & Means as early as this week.

Feb 21 2018
SEIU backs a consensus bill from the Senate Workforce Committee to set up federally funded training for its 35,000 home care workers registered with the Home Care Commission who help seniors on Medicaid stay in their homes.

The Oregon Senate unanimously voted Monday to strengthen standards for home care workers, passing a bill designed to protect many of the state’s most vulnerable seniors and developmentally disabled people who receive the

Feb 21 2018

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Research at Oregon State University shows that human cells have tremendous power to mechanically change their surroundings, opening the door to new insights on a variety of physiological processes including how cancer spreads.

Feb 20 2018
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Oregon State Capitol
An agreement was struck to allow ambulatory surgery centers to keep patients overnight, while a new state committee would investigate why maternal deaths are so high among African-American women.

This week was the deadline for bills to pass out of their original committees. Several bills are headed to the floor for a full-chamber vote, while others face an additional hurdle.

Feb 16 2018
An infant with a cochlear implant.
Insurers will have to cover children’s cochlear implants in both ears and software upgrades if the bill that passed the House this week also gains Senate approval.

Stefan Roggendorf testified this week before the House Health Committee in a crisp plaid shirt. He’s 11 years old, a 6th grader at Lake Oswego Junior High School, a straight-A student and a lacrosse player.

Feb 16 2018
A consensus emerged pegging rates to the median from the all-payer, all-claims database, averting confusion when a new law protecting consumers from surprise billing takes effect on March 1.

Physicians and health insurers have struck a deal on the problem of payment for uncontracted providers, pegging reimbursements to the state’s All-Payer, All-Claims database, in a deal that the Senate Health Committee approved on Wednesday.

Feb 16 2018