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Legislation to License Pharmacy Benefit Managers Delayed Until 2013

The Lund Report
Known as PBMs, they act as middle men to siphon money out of the system, according to Rep. Jim Thompson

February 16, 2012 -- A bill that would require pharmacy benefit managers in Oregon to obtain a license, and renew it every year with the State Board of Pharmacy, has been moved out of the 2012 legislative session.

House Bill 4122 will, instead, be the subject of a workgroup in the interim. That workgroup will be chaired by Rep. Jules Bailey (D-Portland) and Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas), the co-chair of the House Health Care Committee.

In an interview with The Lund Report, Thompson explained how those managers, or PBMs, fit into the pharmacy stream.

Joint Healthcare Committee to Accept Public Testimony on Health Insurance Exchange, Medicaid Reforms

The Lund Report

December 8, 2011 -- Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas) announced the House and Senate Health Care committees will hold a special joint hearing on Tuesday, December 20 to receive public testimony on proposed healthcare reforms.

Rep. Thompson, co-chair of the House Healthcare Committee, said the joint committee will address efforts to reform Oregon’s Medicaid system, known as “Healthcare Transformation,” as well as the proposal to create a new state health insurance exchange.


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