Senate Passes “Air-Conditioner Bill” to Help CCOs

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SB 724 sets the stage for coordinated care organizations to use their global medical budget to pay for common-sense social work expenses that would keep vulnerable Medicaid patients out of the hospital and lead to lower costs. CCOs still need federal approval.


April 24, 2013 — A measure that directs the Oregon Health Authority to set up codes to bill non-medical expenses for patients on the Oregon Health Plan sailed through the Senate on a 26-1 vote yesterday.

Bates Offers Path for CCOs to Roll in Dental Networks

The Lund Report
SB 373 requires CCOs to offer dental contracts to all dental care organizations from 2014 to 2017 before they contract with other dental care providers such as Kaiser Permanente.

This article has been corrected from an earlier version.

April 17, 2013 — Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, has pushed a last-minute bill that would require coordinated care organizations to first provide contracts to all the dental care organizations in its geographic area before hiring independent dentists.

Greenlick Wants Public Comment Period, but CCOs Resist

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The chair of the House Health Committee has proposed a compromise version of earlier legislation that would have subjected coordinated care organizations to the public meetings law. HB 2960 would require private board meetings to have a public comment period and open advisory councils to public.


April 16, 2013 — Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has put forth a compromise bill that would ensure greater public scrutiny of coordinated care organizations without putting them under Oregon’s public meetings law.

House Bill 2522 Spells Out CCO Role for Chiropractors

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The Oregon Chiropractic Organization would like a statutory role for chiropractors, naturopaths and nurse practitioners, but CCO representatives want to keep flexibility

February 26, 2013-- The organization representing chiropractors is pushing a bill that would require coordinated care organizations to consider them equal to medical doctors, but quickly ran into opposition.

Senate Bill Would Require More Use of School Clinics by CCOs

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Coordinated care organizations already use school-based health centers in much of the state, but SB 436 would make their use statutory

February 25, 2013 — Oregon’s healthcare delivery transformation has been rolled out so quickly that Oregon Health Authority Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg still talks about the age of coordinated care organizations not in years or even months but in days.

Greenlick and Shields Want to Shine Daylight on CCOs

The Lund Report
Pair of bills would open CCO meetings to the public and give teeth to community oversight council

Editor's note: This story has been corrected from an earlier version.

February 15, 2013 — Coordinated care organizations would face more scrutiny under a pair of bills heard Wednesday from Portland Democrats Sen. Chip Shields and Rep. Mitch Greenlick.

Oregon Health Authority Delays Contract

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Up to $2.5 million will be spent over the next five years to help coordinated care organizations transform the delivery system

February 15, 2013 – More than 40 healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs are vying for a multi-year contract worth up to $2.5 million intended to help coordinated care organizations achieve their goals.


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