Single Payer, Other Health Issues, Divide Candidates for House District 36

The Lund Report
Campaign contributions and their stance on single payer show stark differences

April 16, 2012—Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the policy beliefs of one Portland liberal running for office from another, but when it comes to healthcare, it’s relatively easy to drawn lines in the sand between Sharon Meieran and Jennifer Williamson.

Policy Board Voices Little Concern About CCO Letters of Intent

The Lund Report

April 12, 2012—A presentation about the number of organizations intending to become coordinated care organizations (CCOs) by August drew little discussion from the Oregon Health Policy Board on Tuesday.

The authority received 47 letters of intent from every county and area of the state. “We look at that as being an enthusiastic response,” Judy Mohr Peterson, the authority’s director of medical assistance programs, told the board. “We have a lot of interest.”

Medicaid Collaborative Emerges to Create Coordinated Care Organization in Tri-County

The Lund Report
But UnitedHealth and ODS Health Plan also want to compete in the same market and have filed their letters of intent with the Oregon Health Authority

April 4, 2012 -- Transforming Oregon’s healthcare system took a decisive step forward when a collaborative led by Dr. George Brown signaled that it’s prepared to take the lead in caring for the Medicaid population in the tri-county area.

Committee Creating Community Health Worker Standards Plans to Continue Meeting

The Lund Report
Committee members want to be involved in educating CCOs about community health workers, and continue creating education and training requirements

March 30, 2012—The Non-Traditional Healthcare Workforce Committee, which has been designing standards for community health workers in Oregon, believes it’s important to continue its work to oversee the development of that work force. It intends to ask the Oregon Health Policy Board for permission to become a formal advisory body.

“There’s a lot more work to do,” said Carol Cheney, the committee’s facilitator and equity manager in the Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Guidelines Set for Community Health Workers to Participate in CCOs

The Lund Report
But more work needs to be done to develop the training and education programs

March 26, 2012—Community health workers who will work with coordinated care organizations (CCOs) will be expected to need 80 hours of training and education, but not be licensed, according to recommendations that a subcommittee of the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Committee expects to approve Wednesday.

The committee, called the Non-Traditional HealthCare Workforce Subcommittee, was created by the Oregon Health Policy Board to create standards and guidelines for a state-wide workforce of community health workers.

A Tight Timeline for CCO Development Worries Policy Board Members, Advocates

The Lund Report
But Dr. Bruce Goldberg said it was critical to get CCOs up and running and for the state to receive additional federal funds

March 19, 2012—The Oregon Health Authority is racing against the clock in order to have coordinated care organizations (CCOs) certified and providing care to Oregon Health Plan patients by August 1st amid growing concern that the tight timeline doesn’t leave enough time for a thorough vetting public process.

Alternative Providers Turn to Rule-Making Process for Inclusion in CCOs

The Lund Report
They want to see clear definitions of terms, and guidelines on reimbursement and provider capacity in these coordinated care organizations

March 15, 2012—Alternative health providers, including naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists, are turning to the Oregon Health Authority’s rule making process for coordinated care organizations (CCOs) to make certain their provider groups are on board.



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