Health Republic Hopes to Recoup $10.5 Million from Risk Corridor

Those dollars represent the higher costs experienced by Health Republic from medical claims and are partially response for its 38 percent rate request for individual plans in 2016.

Moda Health isn’t the only Oregon insurer expecting to receive millions of dollars because its individual members had significantly higher medical claims last year – in what’s known as the federal risk corridor program created under the Affordable Care Act.

Southern Oregon CCOs Provide Unique Perspectives to Health Policy Board

The four counties along the California border going east from the Pacific Ocean have 10 percent of the population, but four CCOs are experimenting with the delivery of healthcare.

Southern Oregon has the state’s most concentrated presence of coordinated care organizations, with four organizations serving four counties with less than 10 percent of the state’s population.

Health Share Seeks to Improve Cultural Competency

Of the CCO’s members, half are people of color with 50,000 identifying themselves as Hispanic/Latino

On July 1, Health Share of Oregon, the state’s largest coordinated care organization, intends to submit its first “cultural competency platform” to Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Community Health Worker Training Emphasizes “Popular Education” Model

Graduates have gone on to work in clinics and for community-based organizations – and have come back to teach

Twenty-five people are currently receiving training in community health work – the second training offered as part of the Urban League's We Are Health Movement, which has created a community health worker curriculum tailored specifically to working with African-Americans.

Healthcare Transformation Meets Rural Health

Eastern Oregon CCO proving it’s s possible with Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes

It’s been nearly 18 months since the first Coordinated Care Organizations got under way in Oregon. And like the rest of the healthcare industry, it’s been a time of transition, transformation and challenges.

The Eastern Oregon CCO in northeastern Oregon has had particular success reaching providers, helping them become recognized as Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes.

Private Sector Takes Over Mental Health Services in Klamath County

Although the transition has been smooth, it’s still too early to tell whether access has actually improved for people on the Oregon Health Plan.

Is Klamath’s mental health system fixed? It's still too early to tell.

Just four months since Klamath County privatized its mental health services, providers are reporting improved collaboration, more efficiency and greater demand from clients.


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