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Community Organizations Partner to Build Crisis Center

Mental health crisis facility needed in rural Oregon county.

For years, public safety, health and government officials in Clatsop County talked about the need for a crisis center to help people suffering from mental health problems. .

The Failing Stigma and Treatment of Mental Illness

The author maintains it’s time to rethink and change the laws, rules and regulations of HIPAA.

OPINION -- Unless we are all missing something, it seems that the stigma of being declared mentally ill or mentally incompetent is rapidly turning into a nightmare. The most recent evidence, German wings flight 9525’s copilot’s ravenous and murderous behavior.

House Passes Bill Requiring ERs to Document Forced Seclusion of Mental Patients

HB 2363 puts Oregon Health Authority administrative rules into statute in an effort to minimize the use of non-therapeutic isolation of patients who come to emergency rooms during a mental breakdown but are locked in a room while receiving minimal treatment. Some Republicans objected to micro-managing the administrative process with a new law.

The Oregon House passed a bill Thursday that will require physicians working in hospital emergency rooms and other temporary settings to document every time they order a patient to be isolated because of a mental health crisis.

Community Mental Health Organizations Look to Improve the System

With Oregon’s mental healthcare system under the microscope, several community-based organizations are hoping new approaches to old problems will create changes.

After decades of failing to properly treat the mentally ill, a forced agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to comply with the American Disabilities Act and a scathing series in The Oregonian last month, Oregon’s mental healthcare system is far from making the grade.

Steiner Hayward: Earned Sick Leave a Public Health Challenge

The physician and senator, who represents Beaverton and Northwest Portland, built the case for a statewide earned sick leave law at the Portland City Club’s December forum. Another bill, phasing out older, dirty diesel engines banned in California and Washington may face opposition from counties that are buying up the cheap engines that Oregon’s greener neighbors don’t want.

A pair of leading state Democratic lawmakers shared the stage Friday with the House Republican leader at the Portland City Club and gave a promising preview of what’s to come in the 2015 legislative session: a statewide law that would make Oregon the fourth state to mandate that employers give paid time off for sick employees.

Oregon Counties Hope to Reduce Public Safety Costs with Better Mental Health

An improving state budget combined with the new wellspring of Medicaid dollars for low-income healthcare has Multnomah County Commissioner Judy Shiprack and the Association of Oregon Counties feeling like the time is right to make considerable investments in community mental health that will reap great savings by reducing police and jail costs.

The Oregon counties are rolling out a lobbying campaign to improve services for people with severe mental illness, particularly those who burden the public safety system.

Access to Care and Defining Preventative Care Concern Health Share

The wait times for routine mental health care at times took six to seven weeks.

Health Share ‘s Community Advisory Council heard CEO Janet Meyer’s report on the coordinated care organization’s first two year’s work, remaining work for the next 12 months, and beginnings of the CCO’s next two- to three-year plan at the council’s monthly meeting.

State Calls for Community Input to Craft Better Addictions and Mental Health Plan

The federal government requires Oregon to have a strategic behavioral health plan for how it will use block grants. The plan will also help the state comply with the U.S. Department of Justice while integrating the work of the CCOs to lay out how the state will get services to those who need them.

A lot has happened to remake the landscape for the state’s mental health system since Oregon last gave the federal government its strategic plan.

Douglas County Quits Mental Health Services

Douglas County Courthouse
Joining the majority of Oregon counties, Douglas County in handing over responsibility to a nonprofit

Douglas County is getting out of the business of providing mental healthcare -- joining the majority of Oregon counties where private nonprofits are in charge.


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