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Multnomah County Driving Surge of Patients Sent to State Mental Hospital

More patients are being admitted to the state mental hospital who’ve been arrested, some of them from petty misdemeanors, and account for nearly the entire growth at the facility, which is busting at the seams and turning away people who could be civilly committed.

The surge in patients at the Oregon State Hospital is being driven almost entirely by patients from Multnomah County who have been arrested but need to be mentally stabilized before they can stand trial.

Legislature Gears Up for 2016 Session at Capitol Next Week

The health committees will meet to get the latest updates on state policy concerns while discussing potential 2016 legislation, from increasing the tobacco purchase age to 21 to providing a better insurance plan for working adults and Pacific Islander residents who currently have no insurance options.

The Legislature is spending three days at the State Capitol next week where lawmakers will begin to outline the shape of the 2016 session.


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