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Legislature Gears Up for 2016 Session at Capitol Next Week

The health committees will meet to get the latest updates on state policy concerns while discussing potential 2016 legislation, from increasing the tobacco purchase age to 21 to providing a better insurance plan for working adults and Pacific Islander residents who currently have no insurance options.

The Legislature is spending three days at the State Capitol next week where lawmakers will begin to outline the shape of the 2016 session.

Shooting Highlights Mental Healthcare Needs in Roseburg

Douglas County struggles to recruit psychiatrists, has experienced years of cuts.

Psychologists, social workers and chaplains have descended upon southwest Oregon from across the U.S. this month to help residents of Roseburg come to terms with the aftermath of a community college campus shooting that killed ten people and left many other traumatized.

Stand Up for Mental Health: No, We Really Want You To Laugh

“No Really, We Want You to Laugh” is a stand-up comedy show performed by people with a mental illness who find the humor in some of their darkest days and hardest experiences. Awesome Portland recognized the power of Stand Up for Mental Health to fight stigma one joke at a time.

Hoyle Bill Allows for Commitments for People at Risk of Serious Harm

A bill brought by House Majority Leader Val Hoyle passed the House Thursday, setting up a method where authorities can commit people to mental institutions, even if they do not pose an immediate threat to themselves or others.

The House voted unanimously to change the civil commitment statute and allow a mentally ill person to be placed in state care even if they are not suicidal or violent -- the two most common reasons for civil commitments.


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