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Rural Customers Get Nearly the Same Deal as Urbanites on Cover Oregon

The Lund Report
Healthy competition on Cover Oregon led by Moda Health has resulted in at least four insurance companies selling plans in every county, creating a market where residents of the most remote parts of the state pay the same or little more for premiums than urban Oregon.


Oregon’s rural counties have gotten a break on premium prices on Cover Oregon, bucking national reports of sky-high insurance premiums in rural areas on the federal exchange.

Insurers May Be Restricted From Covering Transplants for Two Years

The Lund Report
The previously uninsured can expect to wait up to two years for even pre-op care unless Oregon’s Insurance Commissioner issues a rule change by Jan. 1


October 10, 2013 -- Cover Oregon begins in only a few months. But those needing an organ transplant who haven’t had prior coverage may have to wait a lot longer.

Bumpy Road Ahead for Cover Oregon, Predicts Rocky King

The Lund Report
However, if the Republicans succeed in shutting down the federal government because of their opposition to Obamcare, it should only have a very negligible effect on Oregon’s health insurance exchange.

September 25, 2013 -- All eyes will be on Cover Oregon tomorrow when its new website goes live, and people can compare health plans, review the quality ratings of each plan and determine,, using the online calculator, whether they qualify for a government subsidy.

Bonamici Says ACA Removes Disadvantage for Small Business Owners

The Lund Report
Cover Oregon encourages small businesses to investigate tax credits, financial assistance even if they're unsure they're eligible


September 19, 2013 – Public misconceptions still abound about Cover Oregon, the state's new health insurance marketplace – and not only that, some of the information is camouflaged.

Cover Oregon Takes Outreach Strategy Online

The Lund Report
The state exchange held a forum on Reddit recently, and is considering hosting more online education events in the future

September 4, 2013 -- As Cover Oregon prepares to launch the state health insurance marketplace this fall, it's held nine community events – all of which have been packed – and plans to hold two more before it begins enrolling people in October.

Wyden-Smith Town Hall Spreads Word About Cover Oregon, Health Reform

The Lund Report
Many attendees were unfamiliar with how the state’s health insurance exchange will work, less than two months before enrollment starts


August 21, 2013--The drumbeat to inform Oregonians about impending health reform continued on Monday with a town hall hosted by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) and Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith that 120 people attended.


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