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The ObamaCare Map

The author, who’s drawn an ObamaCare Map, asks what would happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed after the November election, and suggests looking at the different routes these potential changes may take us

OPINION – September 12, 2012 -- During the last two years, I have become an avid supporter of ObamaCare. Due to several unforeseen health issues in our family I began taking a closer look at the Affordable Care Act. It had become very clear that the healthcare industry was not necessarily a good fit for everybody, especially for those who found themselves due to job changes between health insurance companies and coverage, or those with pre-existing conditions, or even worse those without any health insurance coverage at all.

NARAL Rally Celebrates Implementation of Preventive Women's Healthcare

Sections of Affordable Care Act that allow more women to access contraception and screening without copayments kicked in August 1

August 3, 2012 -- A crowd of about 100 activists gathered at the base of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland Wednesday afternoon to rally and to march – not to protest, but to celebrate a much-debated provision of the Affordable Care Act that had just kicked in. Starting August 1, preventive women's health care will be covered without any copayments, including contraception, well-woman exams, cancer screenings and domestic violence coverage.

Supreme Court Ruling Met With Relief in Oregon

Oregon’s reforms will continue without disruption or loss of necessary funding

June 28, 2012—Today’s Supreme Court ruling largely upholding President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its provisions means it’s full steam ahead for the state’s health insurance exchange, creation of coordinated care organizations, and other reforms being implemented in the state.

Oregonians Benefit From Insurance Rebates under Affordable Care Act

In this state, about 24,000 individuals and small businesses can expect to receive $4.7 million in rebates by August 1

June 21, 2012 -- While everyone waits anxiously for the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, about 12.8 million Americans will receive $1.1 billion in refunds from insurance companies that overcharged them for health plan premiums last year under new rules created by the healthcare reform law, according to an announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Freelancers Co-Op of Oregon begins search for top-level management

Interim CEO Rick Koven says the New York-based Freelancers Union set up shop in Oregon because it's a 'creative hub' with many independent workers

May 30, 2012 -- The first of two Oregon nonprofits to receive startup funding from the federal government announced last week that it is seeking a director of finance and a director of operations. It has also hired Rick Koven as its interim CEO

The Freelancers Co-Op of Oregon, started with assistance from the New York City-based Freelancers Union, received $59 million from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to start a cooperatively-owned and operated health plan in the state. So far, Oregon is the only state to receive funding for two co-op health plans.

Oregon Votes “No” on NAIC Resolution Involving Medical Loss Ratio

November 23, 2011 -- Oregon voted “no” Tuesday on a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) resolution that recommends changes to how agent commissions are considered in the medical loss ratio provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The medical loss ratio calculation requires that insurance companies spend a certain percentage of premium dollars on medical care versus administrative costs and profit. Companies that fail to do so must provide rebates to their policyholders.


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