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Financial Filings Portray Ups and Downs of CCOs Early Growth

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FamilyCare reported strongest profits among Oregon CCOs, while others had low cash reserves, but regulators aren’t worried

Oregon’s 16 coordinated care organizations, born out of the Affordable Care Act to provide healthcare to people on Medicaid, appear to be entering their financial adolescence: reporting stronger profits as they grow, but not yet fully mature or ready for long-term independence.

Basic Health Bill Goes to Brown, Asks OHA to Hammer Out Plan

Oregon could move private health insurance subsidies to the CCOs to provide coverage for an additional 87,000 people, including thousands of uninsured legal immigrants, but HB 2934 merely keeps the bureaucratic work going to shape the policy for possible 2017 implementation.

A bill that keeps the hopes of immigrant- and low-income advocates alive for a Basic Health Plan passed the Senate by a 22-7 vote, leaving just Gov.

Single-Payer Activists Outline Possible 2016 Ballot Measure

While a legislative effort for single-payer does not have enough support to pass, particularly in the Senate, Sen. Michael Dembrow believes a ballot measure could bring universal healthcare to Oregonians before the end of the decade, using a template to be decided by a comprehensive study.

Single-payer advocates came to the Capitol on Monday to air their passions on behalf of a bill that’s not going anywhere. But a pair of efforts on the horizon may bolster their ideas for replacing private health insurance with a single-payer health plan for everyone.

House Sends Patient Privacy, Birth Control Access Bills to Senate

Amid a flurry of legislation last week, the House passed two bills sponsored by Planned Parenthood. One allows patients to shield their explanation of benefits from policyholders, and the other allows women to have a 12-month supply of birth control dispensed at one time.

House Democrats pushed through two health measures late last week that had the support of Planned Parenthood in a coup for reproductive health and patient privacy.

Enshrining Healthcare Discrimination in Oregon Law

It’s been five years since the Affordable Care Act was introduced, and one of the most important provisions is under fire.

OPINION -- When the ACA became law in 2010, it immediately allowed uninsured adults and children with pre-existing medical conditions, access to health insurance coverage.

Healthcare Industry Convinces Courtney to Kill Price Transparency Bill

A compromise measure from Sen. Steiner Hayward that would have opened up health insurance tools with price information to all consumers won the needed support of Sen. Monnes Anderson, but last-minute pressure on the state’s top lawmaker stopped the price transparency bill dead in its tracks.

Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, halted a legislative effort to force hospitals and health insurers to be more candid about their prices following closed-door negotiations with their influential lobbyists.

The move rankled some in Courtney’s caucus who have been steeling for greater reforms after Oregon was given an F along with 44 other states by the Catalyst for Payment Reform, a national organization that scores states on price transparency.


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