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Lynne Saxton Brings Compassion and Integrity to Oregon Health Authority

When Saxton made one of her first public appearances at Willamette University as the acting director of the Oregon Health Authority, she handed out a chart showing Oregon could save over $10 billion in Medicare expenditures over the next 10 years, but that was never the case. The chart should have said $10 billion in Medicaid savings over the next 10 year, and has since been corrected.

When Lynne Saxton accepted former Governor John Kitzhaber’s request to become the next administrator of the Oregon Health Authority, she realized the job would not come without its foibles.

House Passes Bill Requiring ERs to Document Forced Seclusion of Mental Patients

HB 2363 puts Oregon Health Authority administrative rules into statute in an effort to minimize the use of non-therapeutic isolation of patients who come to emergency rooms during a mental breakdown but are locked in a room while receiving minimal treatment. Some Republicans objected to micro-managing the administrative process with a new law.

The Oregon House passed a bill Thursday that will require physicians working in hospital emergency rooms and other temporary settings to document every time they order a patient to be isolated because of a mental health crisis.

Bill Dissolving Cover Oregon Heads to Governor, Over Oracle Complaints

Oracle, the much-maligned software company that failed to build a functional insurance exchange for Oregon, has threatened to stop Senate Bill 1 from taking effect, but the bill had broad bipartisan support in the House to move the remaining state insurance exchange functions to the Department of Consumer & Business Services.

Ten Republicans joined all the House Democrats in Salem on Friday to send Senate Bill 1 to Gov.

Lynne Saxton’s Confirmation Held Up Along With Other Nominees

According to insiders, the Senate may have lacked the legal authority to move ahead, and there’s also speculation about whether Saxton is the right person for the job.

Until two days ago Lynne Saxton had been expected to be confirmed by the Oregon Senate as the new administrator of the Oregon Health Authority.

Then everything came to a crushing halt with the announcement by Senate President Peter Courtney.

Hospital Association Buckles at Bipartisan Nurse Staffing Legislation

The Oregon Nurses Association says that state-mandated hospital nurse staffing committees are not being taken seriously. Senate Bill 469 would give committee recommendations the force of law and require the Health Authority to conduct compliance audits every five years.

The Oregon Nurses Association laid out its agenda to give teeth to hospital nurse staffing committees on Monday with Senate Bill 469, which gives the recommendations of these labor-management boards the force of law.

Portland CCO focuses on foster kids

Health Share, which serves 3,500 foster children on Medicaid, seeks to identify best approaches to meeting this population’s needs

Portland-based coordinated care organization Health Share of Oregon is targeting what Bobby Martin calls an “extremely vulnerable, distinctly disadvantaged population” – foster children.

Martin Wants Change in Law to Help Out Mental Health Advisory Group

The director of the state’s addictions and mental health division, Pam Martin, would like to be able to compensate people on her division’s consumer advisory council for the costs of being on the council, like travel and motel stays. If they had these costs paid, the state might be able to attract more members as well as a more diverse group.

People who wish to participate in a state advisory council focused on behavioral health may soon not have to pick up the tab for travel to all those meetings in Salem under legislation proposed by Pam Martin, the director of the Oregon Health Authority’s Addictions and Mental Health Division.


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