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OHA About to Hire Medicaid Director

Lynne Saxton, who appeared at yesterday’s Health Policy Board meeting, also indicated she’s been meeting with CCO leaders to discuss rates for 2016.

The restructuring of the Oregon Health Authority has been completed, with seven new divisions now reporting to Lynne Saxton, its director.

OHA Lays Off 31 Managers

The agency-wide restructure is expected to deliver better results.

SALEM, ORE., -- July 8, 2015 -- Oregon Health Authority began an agency-wide restructure to better deliver results in a transformed environment where coordinated care organizations are contracted to deliver health care services and public health programs align with health system transformation.

House Sends Public Health Bill to Senate on Lopsided Vote

House Bill 3100 directs the Oregon Health Authority to develop a plan through 2025 to detail how each corner of the state will be able to provide basic public health for its residents.

The House passed the public health modernization act on Monday, ordering the Oregon Health Authority to outline a 10-year plan that will serve as a foundation to ensure public health needs are met in Oregon’s 36 counties.

Lynne Saxton Speaks Out on Public Health

The administrator of the Oregon Health Authority spoke to public health officials about modernization efforts.

Sustaining coordinated care organizations financially “dovetails with public health modernization,” according to Lynne Saxton, director of the Oregon Health Authority. “Modernization is the single greatest opportunity to integrate into the CCOs.

Shields Questions State’s Increasing Giveaway of Anti-Trust Exemptions

Sen. Chip Shields was unsuccessful in his attempts to block anti-trust immunity to CCOs and long-term care facilities, but now, with the backing of the FTC, he’s trying to stop granting similar protections to health insurers discussing primary care payment models. Supporters of the primary care collaborative say it will encourage the healthcare industry to cough up information in a joint effort to reform the payment structure.

A Senate bill that’s pitched as a method to find better payment models for primary care is making its way through the Legislature, but Sen.

PhRMA Fights Six-Month Delay of New Drugs for Medicaid Members

Rep. John Lively has proposed a cost-saving and drug-management measure that would allow the Oregon Health Authority to deny new drugs that have been approved by the FDA in the past six months, while PhRMA is fighting to strip the provision from legislation that passed the House unanimously. The measure does not impact CCOs, which can determine the suitability of most drugs.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America is asking for a midstream change to legislation that allows the Oregon Health Authority to deny payment for high-priced blockbuster drugs for six months after they’ve been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Senate Health Passes Bill Giving Teeth to Nurse Staffing Law on 5-0 Vote

Under SB 469, hospitals will be bound by the recommendations of their nurse staffing committees, which craft plans for staffing levels. The bill now heads to the Committee on Ways & Means to provide more funding for state hospital audits that hold hospitals accountable for compliance.

Oregon hospitals look like they’ll be facing a tougher nurse staffing law after the Senate Health Committee approved Senate Bill 469 unanimously on Monday, sending the bill to the legislative budget c


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