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Lawmakers Skeptical of State’s Demand that CCOs Return $100 Million

Sen. Alan Bates plans to meet with Gov. Kate Brown as a controversy has erupted over the revised 2015 payments to coordinated care organizations that cut the Medicaid program rather than give the organizations the 3.4 percent increase promised. The state’s order to FamilyCare that it return 9 percent of its current revenues -- $55 million -- would wipe out its profit for the year, and put it on rocky footing going forward. Rep. Mitch Greenlick agreed with some of the calculations but argued that the rates for the Medicaid expansion were more arbitrary and could threaten the CCOs’ ability to innovate and transform the delivery system.

The Oregon Health Authority is demanding that six coordinated care organizations that operate the state’s Medicaid program pay back nearly $100 million for alleged overpayments in the first eight months stemming from two wildly different but equally controversial rate calculations.

OHA About to Hire Medicaid Director

Lynne Saxton, who appeared at yesterday’s Health Policy Board meeting, also indicated she’s been meeting with CCO leaders to discuss rates for 2016.

The restructuring of the Oregon Health Authority has been completed, with seven new divisions now reporting to Lynne Saxton, its director.

OHA Lays Off 31 Managers

The agency-wide restructure is expected to deliver better results.

SALEM, ORE., -- July 8, 2015 -- Oregon Health Authority began an agency-wide restructure to better deliver results in a transformed environment where coordinated care organizations are contracted to deliver health care services and public health programs align with health system transformation.

House Sends Public Health Bill to Senate on Lopsided Vote

House Bill 3100 directs the Oregon Health Authority to develop a plan through 2025 to detail how each corner of the state will be able to provide basic public health for its residents.

The House passed the public health modernization act on Monday, ordering the Oregon Health Authority to outline a 10-year plan that will serve as a foundation to ensure public health needs are met in Oregon’s 36 counties.

Lynne Saxton Speaks Out on Public Health

The administrator of the Oregon Health Authority spoke to public health officials about modernization efforts.

Sustaining coordinated care organizations financially “dovetails with public health modernization,” according to Lynne Saxton, director of the Oregon Health Authority. “Modernization is the single greatest opportunity to integrate into the CCOs.


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