A Heart-Healthy Diet May Also Be a Brain-Healthy Diet, OHSU Researcher Says

Dr. Joseph Quinn says his research preventing strokes may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia

Alzheimer's disease ranks among American's most-feared terminal illnesses – and may kill far more people than previously believed, according to research showing Alzheimer's is a factor in deaths such as pneumonia, choking

Legislators Urged to Deny $200 Million in Bond Funding for OHSU

Dr. Kris Alman is urging legislators to not fund OHSU’s bond funding request, contending there is no return on investment for the public.

OPINION -- On the face of it, a general obligation bond for OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute seems to be a no-brainer. A down payment to match (and not a penny less) Phil Knight's $.5 Billion generous gesture. Win the war on cancer. Good paying jobs.

OHSU Faces Cautious Support and Skepticism at Capitol for $200 Million Request

Oregon Health & Science University wants to make the most of a generous donation from Phil Knight and invest $1.5 billion toward a nationally recognized cancer research center, but it’s asking the state to borrow $200 million on its behalf.

Oregon Health & Science University brought its heavyweights to the Capitol on Friday with a request that the state pitch in $200 million worth of general obligation bonds to help Oregon invest in a “cancer-curing economy.”

$200 Million Match is OHSU's Sole Legislative Priority

The medical school also reported a $22 million increase in net worth at its board meeting and announced plans for an ambulatory hospital

Typically the lobbyists at OHSU advocate for a variety of legislative measures, but this time around they’re focused on one major campaign – getting legislative approval for $200 million to support the Knight Cancer Institute.

OHSU Prescribes ABA for Autistic Kids, but Keeps Treatment from Employees

President Joe Robertson said OHSU will comply voluntarily with proposed legislation from Sen. Chip Shields that mandates the medical school’s self-insured plan provide coverage in 2015. A second part of the bill corrects an oversight in an earlier autism bill and brings OHSU, OEBB and PEBB under the 2005 Oregon Mental Health Parity Act.

Editor's Note: This article was corrected from an earlier version. Only the self-insured plans offered by OHSU and PEBB are exempt from the autism law passed last year.


Rural Oregon Could Benefit from More Residency Programs

Dr. Lisa Dodson, director of OHSU's rural health program, argued that rural recruiters need to better understand young doctors' job needs when appearing before the Oregon Rural Health Conference last week.


Of Oregon’s population, 25 percent live in rural areas, but only 9 percent of medical doctors serve those communities, according to Dr. Lisa Dodson, director of Rural Health Programs at Oregon Health and Science University, who spoke at the Oregon Rural Health Conference in Portland.

OHSU Reports Revenues $36 Million Above Budget For Fiscal Year So Far

OHSU is also considering whether to arm public safety officers to improve safety on campus following the shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.


September 16, 2013 – Oregon Health & Sciences University reported above-budget revenues and discussed the possible use of armed offices on campus at this week's board of directors meeting.

OHSU Braces for Less Research Funding, Flattened Spending, Leveled-Off Tuition

Its fiscal year 2013 budget calls for a 2.5 percent tuition hike – down from 4 percent in recent years – and promises incoming students their tuition rates will stay the same throughout their education at OHSU.

July 1, 2013 – Oregon Health & Science University's Board of Directors approved a budget last week that calls for an operating income of $60 million in fiscal year 2013, touting a financial strategy that will emphasize non-governmental sources of scientific research funding, continue a hiring


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