First meeting of Early Learning Council and Oregon Health Policy Board shows “unprecedented” shared goals, agreement on tactics

Children and families who need support to get better health and early learning outcomes will get it more often and earlier, according to a draft proposal for a joint commitment. Now the two bodies must figure out the tactics to deliver on big goals.

At the first-ever joint meeting of the two bodies, the OHPB and Early Learning Council outlined a draft plan to work together on their shared goals.

Moda’s Financial Downfall Began Months Ago

Now the partnership between OHSU and Moda could be at stake.

Moda Health’s spiral downward began long before the Oregon Insurance Division stepped into the picture earlier this week. The insurer actually started showing signs of distress last summer with mounting claims and few dollars to pay providers.

“Everyone was wondering when the Insurance Division was going to do something; these guys didn’t have any capital left. What’s going on now could close them down,” a confidential source told The Lund Report.

OHSU Plans to Create First Children's Hospital in One Location

Right now Legacy Emanuel offers similar services on its campus and has for many years.

OHSU has announced its expansion of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, making it the  “the first children’s hospital in the Pacific Northwest … . to offer comprehensive obstetric, neonatal and developmental medicine services in one location,” 

Governor’s Office Has No Authority over Bonuses Paid to OHSU Execs

Les Ruark, who brought forward the issue, would like the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Council, to have a seat on OHSU’s board.

The bonuses paid to OHSU’s top-paying executives including President Joe Robertson are not the purview of Governor Brown’s office. Those decisions rest with the Oregon Health & Science University board, which is appointed by the Governor.

Culture of Safety Embodies Work of Dana Bjarnason

After joining OHSU last year, she’s embraced an Institute of Medicine report on the future of nursing and helped secure a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to strengthen the work of the Oregon Health Coalition.

Creating a culture of safety for patients at OHSU lies at the heart of Dana Bjarnason, who became inspired after hearing a talk by Sully Sullenberger.


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