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Task Force on Public Health Finishes Proposal on a Feistier Note

The “Modernization of Public Health” report is scheduled to be heard by the 2015 Legislature.

The Task Force on the Future of Public Health, notable for its congeniality and lack of bickering, had its first public squabbles during its final face-to-face meeting before turning over what it now calls its “Modernization of Public Health” proposal to the 2015 legislature.

Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Public Health Ponders Regionalization

But not all counties are on board, and Douglas County in southern Oregon plans to relinquish its responsibilities to the state in October.

With a report due to the Oregon legislature soon, the Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Public Health sent its smaller workgroup back to work on a single straw man model focused on waves of voluntary regionalization even as one Oregon county seeks to get out of the public health business alt

Two Opposing Views on Fluoridating Portland's Drinking Water

The first commentary, by Rick North, encourages voters to defeat the ballot measure because of health concerns, lack of effectiveness and higher costs, while the second commentary, by Claudia Colen and Dr. Teran Colen insists the science is clear that fluoride doesn't have any negative health or environmental impacts and is a safe and effective option.

OPINION – APRIL 19, 2013 -- On May 3, ballots will be sent to all Portland voters asking them to vote on fluoridation. The last day to vote will be May 21.

Public Health Essential to Reducing Healthcare Costs

Smoking cessation, maternity care and mental health services are focus of coordinated care organizations working alongside public health

January 16, 2013 -- Asking for a show of hands during a breakout session on public health and coordinated care at last week's conference on Transforming Care, Chris Palmedo, director of public affairs at Northwest Health Foundation, said, “How many people believe the current system integrates care in a way that maximizes public health?”

Not a single hand went up among the 150 or so people present.

Tricia Tillman Says Diverse Groups Need a Seat at the Table

As administrator of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, she believes coordinated care organizations should form partnerships with culturally diverse stakeholders

January 2, 2013 -- Growing up in southwest Portland – and later studying political science at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. – Tricia Tillman didn't realize public health was an occupation, much less the one where she’d end up.

“I kind of stumbled into public health,” Tillman said. “I didn't know it was a field at all.”

Healthcare Workers, Public Health Officials Push for Paid Sick Days

Workers not granted leave time to care for themselves or their children – and a lack of sick days causes high turnover in workplaces

December 13, 2012 -- Last week, Jennifer Bevacqua, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emmanuel Medical Center, treated a boy who was a year and a half old and had what Bevacqua described as eye motion issues, which can indicate a brain tumor. After being informed that he’d need an emergency MRI, his grandmother – who was the boy's primary caregiver and had taken him to the hospital – called her boss to ask if she could stay with her grandson while he received the care he needed.


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