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Oregon Wedding A Nasty Affair For 100-Plus

More than 100 people who attended a wedding in Oregon last year were sickened by a bug unknown to most people.

The outbreak of Shigella, which only sickens people and higher primates, was the second largest in the United States in more than 30 years.

Nursing Home Disaster Plans Often Faulted As ‘Paper Tigers’

It does not take a hurricane to put nursing home residents at risk when disaster strikes.

Around the country, facilities have been caught unprepared for far more mundane emergencies than the hurricanes that recently struck Florida and Houston, according to an examination of federal inspection records. Those homes rarely face severe reprimands, records show, even when inspectors identify repeated lapses.

Task Force on Public Health Finishes Proposal on a Feistier Note

Meeting Turns Feisty
The “Modernization of Public Health” report is scheduled to be heard by the 2015 Legislature.

The Task Force on the Future of Public Health, notable for its congeniality and lack of bickering, had its first public squabbles during its final face-to-face meeting before turning over what it now calls its “Modernization of Public Health” proposal to the 2015 legislature.

Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Public Health Ponders Regionalization

But not all counties are on board, and Douglas County in southern Oregon plans to relinquish its responsibilities to the state in October.

With a report due to the Oregon legislature soon, the Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Public Health sent its smaller workgroup back to work on a single straw man model focused on waves of voluntary regionalization even as one Oregon county seeks to get out of the public health business alt


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