Insurance Division Prepares for Rate Increases in 2015 Using Cost and Quality Metrics

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The information-only data will give the state a baseline to track efforts that health insurance companies are making to temper the cost of healthcare while maintaining a level of quality. Rate requests for 2015 will be released in June, posing the possibility of a high rate increase from Moda, which has dominated plans sold on Cover Oregon.

Health insurers must submit their first set of rate increases after the implementation of Cover Oregon to the Insurance Division by May 31, and this year’s filings will include a whole new set of measurements, forcing insurers to do some math about how they’re keeping costs under control.

The new measures, called “Cost and Quality Metrics” will not be used to approve or adjust rate hikes from the insurance companies. Instead, they’re likely to determine future rate increases by taking a snapshot of healthcare spending and cost controls in 2014. The Legislature and the Insurance Division could put some teeth into these metrics later and hold insurers accountable for avoiding big departures from those numbers in subsequent years.

Consumer Tips: Keep Your Health Plan or Switch for 2014?

The Lund Report
OSPIRG offers top tips and a checklist to help consumers weigh their options

This December, many consumers have more than just holiday shopping on their to-do lists. Individuals and families who buy their own coverage are also looking at their health insurance options for 2014.


Kitzhaber Administration Takes Action on Health Care Costs

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Oregon Health Policy Board adopts proposal to hold health insurance companies accountable to cut waste and keep down costs

At the direction of Gov. Kitzhaber, the Oregon Health Policy Board has adopted an OSPIRG Foundation-backed proposal to address the rising cost of health care.


Policy Board Devises Tools to Control Health Costs

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The impact on the Insurance Division’s rate review process will initially be limited to information, but a task force could craft new legislation for 2015 that would force insurance companies and healthcare providers to adhere to a sustainable rate of medical inflation.

New tools put forward Tuesday by the Oregon Health Policy Board could add information to the insurance rate review process and put to task insurance carriers and healthcare providers alike to ensure health costs don’t spiral out of control any further than they already have.

OSPIRG to Offer Free Health Insurance Class

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If you or someone you know are one of the thousands of Oregonians who will be signing up for a new health insurance plan in the coming months, then you may be interested in our free class, “So You Need Health Insurance, Now What?” on 

OSPIRG Helps Oregon Students Navigate New Health Insurance Landscape

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OSPIRG Launches Project to Bring Facts and Tips to thousands of College Students Across Oregon.


October 3, 2013 -- With the main parts of the Affordable Care Act now going into effect, OSPIRG has launched a statewide education campaign reaching out to students with facts about the changes, and tips to help them find the right coverage for themselves.

Insurance Division Knocks off $69 Million in Rate Review

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Despite the significant cuts in waste, OSPIRG Foundation’s report found ways that insurers are not passing along additional savings to consumers, and Gov. Kitzhaber has responded to liberal Democrats’ concerns to further strengthen the system.

July 29, 2013 -- The Oregon Insurance Division reduced insurance rates in the individual and small group markets by $69 million for 2014, but significant savings continued to be lost, as some insurers ignored slowing medical inflation and failed to factor reductions in uncompensated care as fewer people go without insurance under the Affordable Care Act.


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