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State Could See “Game-Changing” Spike for Children’s Mental Health

The Lund Report
The $46 million increase that Senate President Peter Courtney called for at the start of the session could become reality with the co-chairs' budget released Monday

March 5, 2013 — A pathway has appeared to the game-changing funding levels that Senate President Peter Courtney signaled for community mental health -- at least for children – when the increased funding made a list of priorities when the co-chairs released their two-year spending plan Monday morn

House Bill 2522 Spells Out CCO Role for Chiropractors

The Lund Report
The Oregon Chiropractic Organization would like a statutory role for chiropractors, naturopaths and nurse practitioners, but CCO representatives want to keep flexibility

February 26, 2013-- The organization representing chiropractors is pushing a bill that would require coordinated care organizations to consider them equal to medical doctors, but quickly ran into opposition.

Senate Bill Would Require More Use of School Clinics by CCOs

The Lund Report
Coordinated care organizations already use school-based health centers in much of the state, but SB 436 would make their use statutory

February 25, 2013 — Oregon’s healthcare delivery transformation has been rolled out so quickly that Oregon Health Authority Director Dr. Bruce Goldberg still talks about the age of coordinated care organizations not in years or even months but in days.

Oregon Legislators Want to Ban Smoking in Cars with Kids

The Lund Report
Secondhand smoke in cars is 27 percent more concentrated than in smoker’s homes, according to the California EPA

February 21, 2013 -- Republican Rep. Jim Thompson of Dallas said that enacting a ban on smoking in cars with children isn’t about restricting personal choice. It’s about shielding those who don’t have a choice to be around secondhand smoke.

Tomei Wants Tobacco Money Spent on Prevention

The Lund Report
The state has received $1 billion from the tobacco master settlement agreement, but thus far that money has not gone to tobacco prevention

February 20, 2013 -- In a landmark lawsuit brought by state attorneys general in 1998, the major tobacco companies settled with the states for $206 billion to compensate them for decades of false advertising while selling a product that causes cancer and has greatly increased public health costs,


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