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Nurse Practitioner Pay Equity Easily Passes House

The Lund Report
Dr. Bud Pierce, president of the OMA, told The Lund Report he hopes a compromise will be forged in the Senate.

Editor's Note: Rep. Lively represents Springfield. His district was incorrectly identified in an earlier version.


March 20, 2013 — The Oregon House voted 39-20 to require private insurers to pay independent nurse practitioners and physician assistants at the same rate they would pay doctors for the same services.

Troubled Oregon Counties Turn to Cigarette Tax for Public Health

The Lund Report
The House Revenue Committee heard two cigarette tax measures last week — one raising the cigarette tax by $1 to $2.18, the other opening the door for Oregon counties to enact their own taxes


March 18, 2013 — Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick told the House Revenue Committee Friday that the state of Oregon trusts local governments to do a lot of things — arrest people, put them in jail, set zoning ordinances, raise property taxes, even generate income taxes.

Bipartisan Bill Could Take Toxic Toys off the Market

The Lund Report
The Toxics Disclosure for Healthy Kids Act, pushed by the Oregon Environmental Council, would require large manufacturers to report if 19 toxic chemicals are used in their children’s products, and then phase them out over five years


March 13, 2013 — Rep. Jason Conger, the Republican representative from Bend, knows what it’s like to be a parent frightened about raising a child in a toxic environment.

Legislature May Narrow Rural Tax Credit for Doctors

The Lund Report
The House Health Committee approved a $1 million loan forgiveness plan for medical students dedicated to serving in rural areas


March 13, 2013 — Legislators heard two bills on Monday that would make it easier for doctors and other healthcare providers to practice in rural Oregon.

Legislation Attempts to Corral Regence BlueCross BlueShield

The Lund Report
The local insurer has been trying to coerce ambulatory surgery centers to join their networks by sending checks to patients

March 8, 2013 — Regence BlueCross BlueShield is attempting to coerce ambulatory surgery centers to sign their insurance contracts by sending the checks to the patients, leaving it up to the center to collect the payments, according to Evalyn Cole, administrator of the Spine Surgery Center in Euge

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Put Forth Pay Equity Bill

The Lund Report
HB 2902 is designed to counter cuts made to primary care providers who are not doctors and has resounding support, but similar bills have failed in the past


March 6, 2013 — A few years ago, private insurers cut the rates that they pay to nurse practitioners and physician assistants by as much as 25 percent and began paying them less than doctors for the same basic services.


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