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Keny-Guyer Hopes to Create Pilot Program to Refurbish Used Medical Equipment

Project would attempt to fill a gap that creates long wait times, logistical headaches for disabled people and their families

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland) plans to introduce a bill this fall that aims to help families waiting for durable medical equipment -- while keeping used equipment in circulation.

Rural Providers Face Tightened Eligibility for Tax Credits

To be eligible for the credits, they'll have to take Medicaid and Medicare patients up to a certain percentage – and many rural hospital staff may become ineligible for the credit


July 15, 2013 – Rural providers and emergency medical technicians will see an extension of the tax credits they've enjoyed for years, though the providers' tax credit comes with altered eligibility criteria.

Women’s Cancer Screening Gets Funded Along with Junction City Hospital

Senate President Peter Courtney says he’ll keep fighting as he laments the failure of a dedicated tax for community mental health, while House Speaker Tina Kotek offers optimism that the state can improve services at all levels.


.July 9, 2013 — The Legislature found extra funding in its final budget for breast and cervical cancer screening, rural ambulance services, and dental fluoride programs for school children as it passed its budget resolution, House Bill 5008, before adjourning on Monday.

DHS Budget Bolsters Child Welfare, Advances Person-Centered Care

The approval of a community-based care option for the Oregon Department of Human Services will give the state $100 million in additional federal funding and allow people with developmental disabilities to have their needs met beyond what their previous stipends covered.


July 8, 2013 — The new budget for the Department of Human Services provides a windfall of funding for child welfare and helps further advance Oregon’s lead in directing care to the state’s elderly and people with disabilities through their homes and in their communities.

Lawmakers Regulate Midwives, Pot Dispensaries, Community Health Workers; Launch Healthcare Study

The Oregon Legislature passed a flurry of bills on Saturday as it worked to end the 2013 session. Direct-entry midwives and marijuana dispensaries will be licensed and regulated. Traditional health workers get their own commission, and Oregon will solicit private funds to study universal healthcare, including single-payer insurance.

July 8, 2013 — The Legislature cleared through dozens of bills on Saturday, including a study of universal healthcare and the regulation of midwives, marijuana dispensaries and traditional health workers as lawmakers moved to close the session.

Midwife Regulation

House Passes $15 Billion Budget for Oregon Health Authority

Most Republicans balk at the 21.6 percent increase from last biennium, but an OHSU economist said the state will see a net savings by providing Oregon Health Plan coverage to 240,000 more people under the Affordable Care Act. The budget also calls for three new mental health residential treatment centers in Pendleton and expansion of an intervention program for youth experiencing a mental breakdown.


July 3, 2013 — The Oregon Health Authority budget passed the House on a highly partisan 35-23 vote, with only Republican Rep. Bob Jenson of Pendleton crossing party lines to support the $15.2 billion budget with the Democratic majority.

House Passes Bill to Study Universal Healthcare in Oregon

Rep. Michael Dembrow attracted the support of five Republicans to solicit private donations to fund a rigorous academic study on how best to bring true universal healthcare to Oregon.


July 1, 2013 — The House passed a universal healthcare study bill 37-23, clearing the way for private money to fund a comprehensive study into what advocates consider the most equitable and cost-effective means of financing healthcare for all Oregonians.


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