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Recovery From COVID-19 Could Last A Decade

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Oregon has learned some lessons from the pandemic but a full recovery will take years, according to public health officials and emergency planners testifying Wednesday..


Republican-led Walkout In Legislature Enters Second Week 

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Climate change is taking a toll: Hospital emergency room visits for heat-related problems are on the rise. Wildfires are also on the rise, leaving people with exacerbated breathing problems.

Pendleton Lawmakers Try To Keep Blue Mountain Hospital Open

The Lund Report
Rep. Bob Jenson of Pendleton told The Lund Report he’s hoping to find a way to delay the closure of Eastern Oregon’s state mental hospital before its doctors and nurses leave for work elsewhere. Rep. Jennifer Williamson of Portland suggested converting it into a much-needed prison hospital for aging inmates.


Sept. 18, 2013 — The Oregon Health Authority has laid out the timetable to legislators for the closure of the Blue Mountain Recovery Center, even as Pendleton lawmakers strive to keep Eastern Oregon’s mental hospital open.

Autism Treatment for Oregon Health Plan Faces Hurdles, But Approval for Some Kids Likely

The Lund Report
Applied behavior analysis has been rejected for coverage by a state evidence-based medicine panel once before, but the Legislature has passed a law requiring private insurance companies to cover the therapy, forcing the state to reconsider its decision.


September 16, 2013 -- Autism advocates presented their case for applied behavior analysis last week to an Oregon evidence-based medicine review panel, whose recommendation can make or break the ability of autistic Oregonians to receive the therapy under the Oregon Health Plan.

Unions and Statewide Healthcare Groups Spend a Combined $3 Million on Legislative Campaigns

The Lund Report
While public sector unions spent heavily on competitive elections, other organizations like the Oregon Health Care Association targeted its money toward influencing legislation.

September 12, 2013 -- A review of the major Oregon healthcare organizations and unions shows these players made healthy contributions to political campaigns, influencing elections and legislation over the past three years.

Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Genentech Pour Money into State Elections

The Lund Report
Pharmaceutical companies spent $491,000 to influence elections and legislation in the Oregon capitol, as the Legislature tailored certain bills to fit their interests.

September 4, 2013 -- Nineteen drug companies have spent a combined half a million dollars since 2011 trying to influence elections and legislation, led by Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Genentech.

Pfizer, known for Viagra, Zoloft and Xanax, is the world’s largest drug company by revenue, and Eli Lilly is the world’s largest manufacturer of psychiatric medications, such as Prozac.


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