Cali Approves Sky-High Rate Increases for Individual Health Plans

State insurance regulators largely approved the high rate increases for individual health plans for 2017, accepting the insurers’ argument that they were needed to stop the losses felt since the launch of the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Moda Health will be offering health plans in most of the counties after all, ensuring rural consumers have adequate competition. The state believes the troubled company is now doing well enough and should have its probation lifted soon.

Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali decided to largely sign off on the giant rate increases for 2017 that Oregon insurers have proposed for the individual health insurance market, meaning all consumers rates will go up at least 10 percent from 2016, and some nearly a third.

Losses mount at Oregon health insurers

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State’s nine largest insurers report losses of $105.97 million during first six months of 2015, as membership levels generally hold steady

This is shaping up to be a financially brutal year for Oregon’s major health insurance companies. Since Jan. 1, the nine-largest traditional insurers in the state have reported cumulative losses of $105.97 million.


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