Insurance Commissioners Say Help Offered By Congress Is Not Enough To Save Market

A key Senate committee Wednesday launched a set of hearings intended to lead to a short-term, bipartisan bill to shore up the troubled individual health insurance market, but a diverse group of state insurance commissioners united around some solutions that were not necessarily on the table.

Senate Health Committee Passes Bills to End Balance-Billing, Protect Insurance Market

A Medicare index was scrapped, but physicians will no longer be able to go after patients when an insurer doesn’t pay for non-contracted emergency work. A sweeping measure allows state insurance regulators to set aside state law if federal officials upend the national health laws.

The Oregon Senate Health Committee on Tuesday cleared two insurance measures designed to protect consumers, one stopping physicians from “balance-billing” their patients, and the other giving state insurance regulators the power to avoid a collapse of the insurance market triggered by federal cha

Oregon’s Major Health Insurers Shed Tens of Thousands of Members

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As number of people with insurance climbs, the companies that have traditionally enrolled the most people in Oregon see membership decline. Could these health plans be losing clout?

The number of people receiving health insurance through small insurers or buying individual marketplace plans in Oregon dropped significantly in 2016, with 74,422 fewer people covered under the state’s major plans at the end of last year than a year earlier.


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