PeaceHealth Buys ZoomCare For Undisclosed Amount

PeaceHealth, the Vancouver-based health care system with hospitals across the Northwest, announced on Tuesday that it is buying ZoomCare, a chain of neighborhood clinics that’s spread from Tigard to Seattle and Salem in just over a decade.

Legislative Task Force Proposes Steps Towards Universal Health Care Coverage

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The group, which has been meeting since January, acknowledged that Oregon is not likely to adopt universal care anytime soon but it pointed towards that goal by offering initial steps.

Creating a “universal” state-run health care insurance system in Oregon is a monumental task and it’s unclear whether a majority of Oregonians even favor such a radical change, but a legislative work group this week offered some baby steps for the 2019 Legislature to consider.

Pricey Precision Medicine Often Financially Toxic For Cancer Patients

The high cost of cutting-edge tests and treatments is threatening to keep precision medicine — one of the most celebrated areas in cancer research — out of reach for many patients.

When Kristen Kilmer was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at age 38, her first thought was of her 8-year-old daughter. Kilmer had lost her own mother as a teenager and was determined to get more time with her only child.


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