Call for applicants for the CCP Analysis and Review Council

The Consumer Confidence Project (CCP) is a volunteer-led effort, housed within the Oregon Public Health Institute in Portland.

By comparing the policies and practices of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO), the project will promote transparency and responsiveness to members of each CCO and the community it serves. The project will report on three areas of connection between the CCO and its members:

•       Accessibility of information: The CCO makes Information about the organization and its network easily accessible and understandable for members so that they may have easy entry into the health system and get the care they need when they need it.

•       Responsiveness to members and community: Members will have a voice in their CCO’s decisions, so that their CCO is responsive and accountable to its members and local community.

•       Transparency of governance: The CCO provides information on policies and activities, making sure that these public-private partnerships work to the benefit of their local communities and all of Oregon.

The Consumer Confidence Project is seeking candidates for its Analysis and Review Council (ARC) to ensure that the CCP report accurately reflects the perspective of the individuals, families, and communities served by CCOs.

What is the ARC?

This advisory council will review the project’s evaluation results and advise project leaders. The committee consists of approximately 15 individuals from throughout Oregon who represent the perspective of CCO members and the communities where they live.

What will the ARC do? ARC members represent the point of view of CCO members and communities on the validity of collected data and evaluation results.

Who can serve on the ARC?

An ARC member should be familiar with CCOs. CCO members, CCO members’ families, community members, healthcare providers* and other interested individuals may apply to be on the ARC. Due to the nature of the ARC’s work, the Consumer Confidence Project prefers that applicants have first-hand knowledge gained through any of the following experiences:

·      Accessing care through CCOs, either as a patient or family member/caregiver

·      Providing medical, pharmacy, or behavioral health/mental health services. Note: To avoid potential conflicts of interest, only providers who are not currently practicing can serve on the ARC.

·      Working with the CCO model as it becomes part of Oregon’s health system transformation

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about the Consumer Confidence Project and the ARC, apply to be on the ARC, or nominate someone else for the ARC by sending email to the project managaer, David Spencer, at [email protected].

Application deadline: You must apply to be on the ARC by June 20.

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