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Ombudsman's Office Advocates for People in Long-Term Care

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Volunteers visit hundreds of facilities every year, fielding complaints large and small


August 27, 2013 – In the 1990s, Dan Dunham and his wife learned that a close friend had experienced severe medical neglect and financial abuse at a nursing home in California. The situation became so acute they ended up moving her to their Corvallis home and cared for her until her death.

Officials Say HPV Vaccine Underutilized

The Lund Report
CDC recommending primary care providers administer it in their offices along with standard childhood shots

August 27, 2013 – A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this summer said the HPV vaccine is “grossly underutilized” by families with children in the recommended age groups – and that the lack of uptake has less to do with availability than with lack of good information about who should get the vaccine and why.

Health Departments See Reduced Demand For Vaccinations

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While high exemption rates remain a concern, officials believe more families are receiving vaccines in primary care settings rather than at county clinics before school starts


August 21, 2013 – Getting kids ready for school means getting them vaccinated – and county health departments throughout the Portland metro area are hosting walk-in clinics and supporting schools and primary health providers to make certain they have stores of vaccines.

HUD-Subsidized Housing Offered for People with Developmental Disabilities

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The 14-unit building will house 'relatively high functioning' adults who only need light care, most of them coming to the space from their parents' homes.


July 19, 2013 – Kehillah is the Hebrew word for “community.” It's also the name of an affordable apartment complex for adults with developmental disabilities that's expected to complete construction in August and to open in September.

Rural Providers Face Tightened Eligibility for Tax Credits

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To be eligible for the credits, they'll have to take Medicaid and Medicare patients up to a certain percentage – and many rural hospital staff may become ineligible for the credit


July 15, 2013 – Rural providers and emergency medical technicians will see an extension of the tax credits they've enjoyed for years, though the providers' tax credit comes with altered eligibility criteria.

Patients With Alzheimer's Disease Often Struggle to Get a Diagnosis

The Lund Report
Families and advocates say providers aren't trained to screen for the illness, nor how to counsel families about their options for care


July 8, 2013 – When Perry Nydigger's wife, Sharon,was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2007, doctors wrote her two prescriptions for drugs meant to slow the progression of the disease – and that was it.


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