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Keny-Guyer Hopes to Create Pilot Program to Refurbish Used Medical Equipment

The Lund Report
Project would attempt to fill a gap that creates long wait times, logistical headaches for disabled people and their families

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland) plans to introduce a bill this fall that aims to help families waiting for durable medical equipment -- while keeping used equipment in circulation.

Dembrow, Thompson Discuss Cover Oregon Rollout, Single Payer

The Lund Report
Dembrow says even if the legislature passes a single-payer bill, it's likely to be referred to voters

Five speakers – including state legislators from both sides of the aisle, as well as political advocates and representatives from the insurance industry – gathered in the banquet room at Kells Irish Pub Tuesday night to talk about what lies ahead for healthcare reform in Oregon.

Coordination Between CCOs and Medicaid Transport Brokerages Fractured

The Lund Report
Some are working together well, where other communities have yet to incorporate transportation

When the Oregon legislature passed laws to transform the state's healthcare system three years ago, stakeholders had high hopes that the new model would help providers and public health agencies improve Medicaid patients' access to basic care.

Health Share of Oregon Boasts 25,000 New Enrollees

The Lund Report
CCO attributes enrollment surge to the fast-track process

Oregon's largest coordinated care organization expected to get 20,000 to 23,000 new members in the first year after the state's Medicaid expansion kicked in.

Just days into the new year, chief operating officer Susan Kirchoff announced that it had already exceeded that projection.

Portland Employees Begin Accruing Paid Sick Time

The Lund Report
The ordinance went into effect last week, allowing workers to accrue one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked

Piper Davis, co-owner of Grand Central Bakery – which bakes and sells bread at its seven Portland restaurants, as well as supplying bread to retail stores and farmers markets – has always provided paid sick days to employees.

Textbook, Research Study Highlight Legacy's Gardens

The Lund Report
Study will investigate the impacts of garden access on stress levels among providers, patients and families

A new book – intended as a textbook for students in horticultural therapy, social services, design and other disciplines – highlights the therapeutic benefits of onsite gardens in hospitals, and prominently features Legacy's Gardens in Healthcare program, which includes 12 gardens in its six hospitals.

SEIU 49 Protests Layoffs at McKenzie-Willamette

The Lund Report
The union is also asking the for-profit hospital to increase the amount spent on charity care.

Right before Thanksgiving, the Service Employees International Union, Local 49 found out that about 30 of its members would be lose their jobs by Christmas.

FamilyCare’s Health Improvement Plan Focuses on 'Transition-Age’ Youth

The Lund Report
Its community advisory council meeting also focused on culturally competent outreach, whole-patient care

Each of Oregon's 16 coordinated care organizations has been tasked with the creation of a community health improvement plan – and the draft plan presented before FamilyCare's community advisory council last week focused on improving the health of “transition-age” youth – usually defined as youth

Chiropractors say Board of Chiropractic Examiners Has History of Publishing False Allegations

The Lund Report
Dr. Kim Jameson says the board published false allegations before she could respond – and other providers say she's not alone

Chiropractor Kim Jameson is fighting the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners, saying the board tarnished her practice and finances with false allegations that were published before she could respond – and other chiropractors have told The Lund Report she is not alone. 

Naturopath Questions Presence of Cell Tower Near NCNM

The Lund Report
Dr. Ariel Policano, NCNM disagree on possible effects

Portland naturopath Ariel Policano has written and self-published a book about electomagnetic frequency radiation – what she and others sometimes call “dirty electricity” – warning of the dangers of cell phones, cell towers, microwaves and other forms of dirty electricity, which she says can cause neurochemical imbalances and is linked to cancers.


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