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Eileen Brady Insists Healthcare Contributions Won’t Influence Her Decisions

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As a candidate for mayor of Portland, Brady has picked up significant contributions from Regence BlueCross BlueShield and leading healthcare executives

February 14, 2012 -- Money talks – particularly in the million dollar race that Eileen Brady is waging to become the next mayor of Portland. Brady, who had raised $566,568 as of February 13, is well on her way to meeting that goal. By then, her competitors – Charlie Hales had raised $333,666 and Jefferson Smith, $220,113.

Transformation Bill Headed for First Major Test in Joint Ways and Means Committee

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The legislation is expected to face a feisty discussion by Senate Republicans who insist that tort reform be included

February 9, 2012—After hours of discussions and countless meetings between closed doors, legislators appear to have finished negotiating what might be the final version of Senate Bill 1580, which, if approved, would allow the Oregon Health Authority to begin soliciting proposals for coordinated care organizations (CCOs).

That bill passed out of the budget writing Ways and Means Human Services Subcommittee unanimously late yesterday evening, after legislators scrambled to finish negotiations while lobbyists laughed, joked, and kicked back in the hallways and a hearing room.

Fast Track Legislation Scrapped, Lacking Political Support

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It’s rumored that CMS would not have given Oregon additional money to fund coordinated care organizations had the fast track option succeeded

February 9, 2012— The managed care plans that are currently providing services to Oregon Health Plan members appear to have lost their bid to create what’s known as “fast track,” legislation, giving them the ability to turn into coordinated care organizations (CCOs) by July, without having to meet all the criteria, guidelines and the certification process developed by the Oregon Health Policy Board.

Columbia County Commissioners Await Court Date in Asset Transfer

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Fate of the proposed hospital site is still uncertain

February 9, 2012 – The Columbia Public Health District and members of the Columbia County Board of Commissioners are awaiting a trial date to decide the fate of the district's assets, which include the public health building and the land in St. Helens where officials had hoped to build a hospital.

The public health district was formally dissolved after voters rejected its proposal to build that hospital.

Salem Health Closes Down High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic

The Lund Report
The Family Birth Center Clinic has been providing prenatal care to indigent women with high risk pregnancies since 2005

February 9, 2012 -- Indigent women in Marion County are about to lose an invaluable resource following the closure of the Family Birth Center Clinic run by Salem Health, which has provided prenatal care to indigent women with high-risk pregnancies since 2005.

Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare Begins Funding First Projects

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The foundation's mission is to advocate for a more holistic approach to treating mental illness

February 6, 2012—The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare and its executive director Gina Nikkel are off to a running start, funding its first projects that Nikkel hopes will begin creating a more holistic understanding and way of treating mental illness.

Nikkel, who was previously executive director of the Association of Oregon County Mental Health Programs, has been participating frequently in international calls, and has racked up 4,000 minutes of phone calls in one month. “That’s two solid weeks of being on the phone,” she said.

Electronic Health Records Face Rapidly Changing Technology

The Lund Report
State could challenge Microsoft’s de-facto monopoly on provider-to-provider database

February 6, 2012 -- Technology is changing so quickly that state officials and advocates overseeing more streamlined transfers of health information in Oregon are scrambling to keep up.

2010 may not seem like that long ago, but from the perspective of a computer, it’s already the Stone Age. That was the year that the Community Leadership Council of the Archimedes Movement made recommendations on the state’s Strategic Plan for Health Information Exchange, which the federal government approved a few months later.

Douglas County’s Collaborative Pre-Natal Clinic Reduces Number of Low Birthrate Babies

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Success is attributed to the clinic's ability to provide wrap around health and social services to its clients

February 3, 2012— Despite taking care of pregnant women who have some of the highest risk factors for giving birth to low-weight babies, the women seen at Douglas County’s Prenatal Clinic beat the odds – and had the lowest rate of giving birth to low-weight babies compared to the rest of Douglas

Insurance Exchange’s Request to Pursue Its Own Health Coverage Met with Skepticism

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Rocky King, executive director of the exchange, wants to try out some innovative coverage models prior to small businesses purchasing coverage through the exchange

February 2, 2012—An unexpectedly heated debate transpired in the House Health Care Committee yesterday over whether the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange’s 11 staff members should be able to seek their own healthcare coverage rather than be covered by the Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB), which provides benefits to state employees.

Medical Liability Reform Unlikely to Happen This Legislative Session

The Lund Report
Sen. Alan Bates (D-Medford) says he doesn’t want to do anything during the February special session that would stop the evolution of coordinated care organizations

February 2, 2012 -- Despite pressure by Republicans to include tort reform in legislation that will transform Oregon’s healthcare system during the February legislative session under way, that issue will have to wait until 2013, predicted Sen. Alan Bates (D-Medford.


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