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Curry County Begins Wide Ranging Health Assessment

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The assessment will be tailored at the community level because of the county’s diversity

December 6, 2011—The health department of Curry County, Oregon’s southern most coastal county, is undertaking a comprehensive community health assessment that will determine the health needs of its 20,000 residents and help tailor the health department’s programs and services.

Cherryl Ramirez Believes in Integrating Physical and Mental Healthcare

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The new executive director of the Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs thinks the coordinated care organizations show great promise

December 6, 2011—Cherryl Ramirez gets the importance of integrating physical and mental health care.

The new executive director of the Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs began her career in Texas’ public health department, where she managed a diabetes prevention and control program.

“I noticed our clients with diabetes more often than not always had a serious issue with depression,” she said. “Diabetes goes hand and hand with a lot of our major killers—heart disease, diabetes, cancer.”

True Story of One Man’s Horrifying Treatment in one of America’s Top Hospitals

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December 5, 2011 -- It could happen to any of us --you wake up one morning with a slight weakness in your left leg and by the end of the day you're in your local hospital's ICU with tubes running into your arm, nose, and down your throat. You've lost your ability to speak and move. You say "yes" or "no" by shifting your eyes. It seems like a nightmare, but for Robert C. Samuels, it became his terrifying reality.

Mike Shirtcliff Committed to Healthcare Transformation

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The CEO of Advantage Dental Plan believes we’re spending too much money on expensive technology and need to redirect those dollars to basic healthcare services

December 5, 2011 -- More expensive technology is saving peoples’ lives at the end of life and leaving more people behind who need basic healthcare services. That has to change, according to Mike Shirtcliff, who’s focusing his energies on transforming Oregon’s healthcare system.

Central City Concern Opens Recovery Center

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The center was made possible because of a $8.95 million federal grant and initially will serve 600 homeless people

December 2, 2011 -- When Central City Concern opens its downtown clinic on December 12, teams of doctors and alternative medicine professionals will help hundreds of people whose drug addictions or mental illnesses threaten to keep them on the streets.

At a time when funding for such services is drying up, the Old Town Recovery Center will become a reality.

The more than $20 million center stands on the corner of NW Broadway and NW Burnside -- the previous site of an abandoned Burger King.

PSRB Updates Legislators on Releasing Patients from Oregon State Hospital

The Lund Report
Increasing the availability of different types of residential facilities is critical, according to Mary Claire Buckley

November 30, 2011— When legislators approved the Psychiatric Security Review Board’s (PSRB) budget earlier this year, they attached a string instructing the board to think of ways to move patients out of the Oregon State Hospital and into community treatment facilities. That string took the form of a “budget note.”

Health Coach Seeks to Improve Health of Cowlitz County Community

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The Kaiser Permanente Community Fund has provided a $221,000 three-year grant to the Highlands Neighborhood Association that’s focused on the social determinants of health, not healthcare

November 30, 2011 -- “The greater Cowlitz County thinks this is Tweakerville,” said Liz Haeck, driving around the Highlands neighborhood in Longview, Wash. to visit residents' homes and talk to them about their lives. “Everybody knows where there's a drug house on their block.”

As Haeck drove from house to house on a blustery afternoon, bringing Thanksgiving food boxes, candy and even dog biscuits, she talked to people about their lives, referring them to services that might help them out.

We’re Very Close to the Finish Line

The Lund Report
The Lund Report needs to raise another $2,500 to meet the $10,000 challenge grant from Northwest Health Foundation

November 30, 2011 -- The generosity of our readers to the challenge grant offered by the Northwest Health Foundation has been overwhelming.  People from across Oregon and Washington have sent us contributions, and, for that, I am extremely thankful.

However, we’re not there yet. In order to meet the $10,000 challenge grant, we still need to raise $2,400. I’m counting on your  support to reach that milestone!  Your contributions go a long way to help us provide the stories you count on every week.

Nurse Practitioners Seek Payment Parity from Insurers

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But legislators are unlikely to take action because of the strong lobbying efforts by insurance companies

November 29, 2011—The Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) is trying to convince legislators that insurance companies should pay nurse practitioners the same amount as primary care physicians for the same services.

But the association’s president, Susan King, said its efforts are being stonewalled by some insurance carriers. After meeting with representatives from five insurers over the past few months, the information they’re sharing about their reimbursement policies is opaque, at best.


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