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Buehler Wants to Let Pharmacists Directly Prescribe Anti-Overdose Drug

Building on a bill from 2015 that gives pharmacists the ability to dispense birth control without a doctor’s prescription, HB 4124 allows them to bypass physicians when selling Naloxone, which is used to reverse the effects of an opiate or narcotic overdose, including from heroin and prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin.

Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, is promoting a bill that would give pharmacists the ability to quickly dispense a life-saving drug for use in opiate overdoses without the prescription of one of his fellow physicians.

Nosse Wants Law to Track Biosimilar Drugs Without Restricting Access

An ongoing controversy over generic equivalents to complex biological drugs is resurfacing in the 2016 session, as patient advocacy groups and drug companies try again to require pharmacists to take extra steps to notify prescribers of a substitution when they dispense something other than a brand-name biological drug.

Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland, is bringing back a bill that requires pharmacists to give extra notification to medication prescribers when the pharmacist dispenses a cheaper, biosimilar equivalent to a brand-name biological drug.

Oregon Physicians Prescribed More Than $1 Billion in Drugs in 2013

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The CMS data revealed that 15,000 physicians prescribed drugs to 13,000 Medicare beneficiaries while Drs. Mary O’Hearn, Kiren Kresa-Reahl, Richard Kimani and Harry Krulewitch led the list. This chart below shows all 15,000 physicians and their drug costs.

In an unprecedented decision, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services has published comprehensive data showing which physicians and other healthcare providers prescribed the highest number of drugs – by cost, claim and their type – to Medicare beneficiaries.1


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