Oregon Lawmakers Seek To Curtail Soaring Pharmaceutical Prices

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But they face drug industry opposition as they consider bills to make generic drugs more available, limit out-of-pocket insulin costs and set price limits on expensive drugs.

First Round of Oregon v. Pharma. State Publishes Data And Stories. Next Up: Trade Secrets

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An Oregon program that aims to peel back the opaque layers of prescription drug pricing wrapped up its first year this week with a report to the Legislature that underlines

PhRMA Lobbying Power Topples the World

Dr. Doug Walta, recently retired chief executive of clinical programs, physician strategy, outreach and diversity for Providence Health & Services painted a bleak picture for Portland State University and Oregon Health Sciences University students preparing for careers in healthcare at a recent Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School lecture.

America provides the world’s highest-priced care with the lowest life expectancy of developed countries, with half of all bankruptcies related to healthcare costs, while one in seven Medicare beneficiaries is harmed while hospitalized, Dr. Douglas Walta told students last week.

PhRMA Likely to Win Support for Watering Down Prior Authorization of New Drugs

A bill giving the Oregon Health Authority a six-month window before it grants approval without prior authorization to new blockbuster drugs for Medicaid members passed the House unanimously. PhRMA waited until HB 2638 reached the friendly terrain of the Oregon Senate before asking that the bill be gutted.

The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America appear likely to succeed at watering down a bill designed to give the Oregon Health Authority the chance to screen new blockbuster drugs before they are given to Medicaid patients.

PhRMA Fights Six-Month Delay of New Drugs for Medicaid Members

Rep. John Lively has proposed a cost-saving and drug-management measure that would allow the Oregon Health Authority to deny new drugs that have been approved by the FDA in the past six months, while PhRMA is fighting to strip the provision from legislation that passed the House unanimously. The measure does not impact CCOs, which can determine the suitability of most drugs.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America is asking for a midstream change to legislation that allows the Oregon Health Authority to deny payment for high-priced blockbuster drugs for six months after they’ve been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

New Report Shows Oregon Clinical Trials Benefit State’s Health and Economy

Clinical trials of new medicines target the most debilitating chronic diseases

Working in collaboration with Oregon’s university medical schools, hospitals and clinical research centers, biopharmaceutical companies are conducting or have conducted since 1999 more than 2,300 clinical trials of new medicines in the state, a report released today shows.

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