Patrick Allen

State Insurance Official Says Individual Market Would Fail Under Trumpcare

The Obamcare repeal is projected to send individual health market consumers running for the exits, which would leave health insurers stuck covering only the sickest, most desperate people, leading to a death spiral, according to Pat Allen, the director of the Department of Consumer & Business Services.

A top Oregon state health insurance official told reporters on Wednesday that he anticipates Trumpcare would send the individual market into a death spiral if enacted, sending younger and healthier people fleeing and only the most desperate and sickest consumers left buying health insurance.

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services Appoints Deputy Director

The Lund Report

April 5, 2012 -- The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) announced today that Director Patrick Allen has appointed Jean Straight as deputy director of the agency.  

Straight has served in state government for 15 years, most recently at the Oregon Youth Authority, where she has been the assistant director in charge of business services since 2008. She also worked for the Secretary of State’s office as deputy and in a number of management roles.

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