Wyden Says Trump Administration Could Derail Oregon's Medicaid Waiver

At the same time, Wyden is fairly certain the federal government will sign off on the waiver before President Obama leaves office.

While Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority are urging the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to approve Oregon’s multi-year waiver before President-elect Trump takes office, there still could be trouble ahead, according to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-OR.

State May Seek More Straight-Forward Medicaid Waiver to Bolster CCOs

By pulling back on the Medicaid waiver, Oregon may be able to be assured that the reforms launched in 2012 can get approved before President Obama leaves office.

The governor’s top healthcare policy advisor told a state panel Wednesday morning that the state may seek a straightforward renewal of its Medicaid waiver while President Obama was still in office, and pull back on more aggressive innovations to use medical dollars for social determinants of heal

Trillium Pushes Bill to Force Lane County Doctors To Take Medicaid

Some primary care providers have balked at Trillium's reimbursement rates, leaving 12,500 people without a primary care doctor. HB 3300 would mandate that those holdouts accept their “fair share” of Medicaid members if they want to continue taking care of teachers and state employees.

The House Rules Committee appears ready to pass a bill that would force primary care doctors to see Medicaid patients in Lane County if they want to also care for more lucrative patients from the Oregon Educators Benefit Board and the Public Employees Benefit Board.

Bill Restores Medicaid for State Hospital Patients and Prisoners Upon Release

SB 233 helps close a gap in health benefits when former prison inmates and state hospital patients return to society by asking the state to suspend rather than terminate Medicaid while such people are living in state institutions. It also ensures that prisons as well as jails save on hospital costs for inmates.

A bill making its way through the House should ensure that people leaving prison and the state hospital have immediate access to Medicaid, and allow the state to save millions each year by charging the federal health program for hospital care provided to inmates outside of state institutions.


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