Health Share Considers Early Prevention for ‘High Utilizers’

Survey finds that 66 percent suffered abuse as children, while 50 percent struggled in school.

Medicaid covers the cost of 51 percent of all the babies born in Oregon, according to Dr. David Labby, chief medical officer of Health Share of Oregon. “If you want to move upstream, start at the beginning.”

Oregon to Get Help from Kentucky on Enrollment Website for Medicaid

The Oregon state government has cut the rest of its losses with Oracle and decided to implement Kentucky’s system for Medicaid signups, after another stumble to salvage the $240 million spent on technology from Oracle.

Kentucky, long the butt of many a joke, was the surprising success story during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

State Punts Medicaid Enrollment to Federal Website with Cover Oregon

State Punts Federal Enrollment to Federal Website with Cover Oregon
State official Tina Edlund told legislators Monday that the state has given up trying to conduct most enrollments for the Oregon Health Plan itself. Like the private insurance consumers, low-income Oregonians will be directed to to get coverage. Cover Oregon Director Aaron Patnode also explained that a recent error means consumers with certain subsidized insurance plans will owe about $20 more than they were first told.

The state is backing away from any involvement with new Obamacare health enrollments come Nov.

Feds Back Down from Drastic Changes to CCO Formula

Coordinated care officials expressed confusion at the different instructions they were being given by federal health directors. Rep. Greenlick reiterated that he doesn’t believe the CCOs have reformed enough.

The feds backed down from their criticism of Oregon’s handling of the state Medicaid system, stepping away from a position that could have upended the whole transformation of the Oregon Health Plan into coordinated care organizations.

Medicaid Expansion Shifts Mission of Oregon’s Free Clinics

Some clinics have chosen to continue a focus on the uninsured -- and now serve mostly immigrants, shut out of Obamacare. Others now accept Medicaid, continuing the focus on their existing low-income patients now lucky to have coverage.

Obamacare has meant that the Oregon Health Plan, which had been limited to a lottery for low-income adults last year is now open to 365,000 people.

Cover Oregon Plots Future with Mind Toward Avoiding Risky Goals

Tina Edlund explained that a hybrid process will continue for Medicaid enrollments so that the state can be better assured of not promising more than it can deliver. Meanwhile, insurance agents, who account for 50% of all sign-ups, continue to struggle to get paid.

Cover Oregon is still having problems getting insurance agents the money they’ve earned, and the exchange has yet to collect a dime from the insurance companies that owe it an assessment on every policy sold.

Healthcare System Struggles to Catch Up with Growing Central Oregon Latino Community

Deschutes County’s Hispanic community is much newer than the one in the Willamette Valley, creating a greater learning curve for healthcare providers to serve this population. After the Medicaid expansion provided care to most low-income people, immigration status remains a barrier to seeking care.

Few places have seen as sharp of recent growth in the Latino population as central Oregon. In 1990, there were just 1,500 people of Hispanic origin in Deschutes County -- but by the 2010 census, the county recorded 11,700 people.

State Hires Deloitte to Salvage Oracle Technology for Oregon Health Plan

The British consulting giant will be paid $18.4 million and tasked with taking the crippled technology infrastructure and making it usable for the state’s Medicaid program. Deloitte has been one of the more successful IT contractors working with the Affordable Care Act and worked as the systems integrator for Washington state’s successful exchange.

The state of Oregon has inked an $18.4 million contract with Deloitte LLP to oversee its attempts to salvage the flawed Oracle technology for use in enrolling people for the state’s Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan.


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