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No Clear Path Toward Plugging Oregon’s Medicaid Gap, Senator Says

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The Legislature this year is considering a slew of health care bills that span everything from prescriptions drugs to mental health to long term care. One of the big items on the agenda is funding the Oregon Health Plan which serves nearly 1 million Oregonians.

McCain Hated The ACA But Also Saved It

Shortly after his cancer diagnosis, he thwarted the Republican party's attempt to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

There are many lawmakers who made their names in health care, seeking to usher through historic changes to a broken system.

John McCain was not one of them.

Oregon Health Groups Prepare for August Eclipse and Massive Tourist Influx

A million or more people could swell the state’s population during the Aug. 21 event, stressing rural health services, and creating sanitation risks.

Health leaders across Oregon are bracing themselves for a massive influx of people later this summer, when a total solar eclipse can be viewed across a wide swathe of the state. There’s no simple template to prepare for the Aug. 21 event.

Brown’s Effort to Cover Immigrant Children May Depend on Healthcare Industry

Studies show that children with health insurance do better in school, are more likely to graduate high school and attend college, but nearly 18,000 Oregon children do not have access to healthcare because of their immigration status.

Gov. Kate Brown has proposed an agenda for the 2017 session that’s high on difficult cuts, but also perhaps surprisingly has a heavy lift for a big wish.

Islanders Get Promise of 2016 for Insurance Program While State Refines Details

An upswing in awareness of the COFA islanders’ plight in the last weeks of the session was not enough to get them insurance coverage immediately, but a bill passed out of committee that directs the Department of Consumer & Business Services to figure out the program details, and Sen. Bates said they’d work to get the program passed next year.

Healthcare advocates for Pacific Islanders are poised to gain a half-step toward a cost-free insurance program for their low-income members, as House Bill 2522 has been amended to direct the Insurance Division

Communities are the new centers of innovation and learning

In this article, Dr. Michael Rohwer’s fifth in a series that examines healthcare as a Complex Adaptive System, he describes the first of two key innovations necessary to radically improve care while lowering cost.

OPINION- We will not reinvent the wheel. The core management problems we face happen everywhere people work together to accomplish large objectives.

Oregon Insurance Execs Dismiss Public Option

CEOs pin their hopes on value-based health plans that debut next year

 October 27, 2009 -- The public option debated in Congress won’t gain any traction with Oregon’s insurance executives who keep comparing the proposal to traditional Medicare, claiming it’s a broken system in need of serious repair.


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