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New Cover Oregon Error May Put State on Hook for $74 Million in Overpayments

An examination of records by the new leadership at the Oregon Health Authority discovered that an error in the Cover Oregon process caused the state to categorize older, Medicare-eligible adults in the Medicaid expansion.

The Cover Oregon debacle continues to dog the Oregon Health Authority. Actuaries have newly discovered that more than 41,000 people were miscategorized over three years, which caused the state to draw down $74 million more federal dollars than it was allowed.

DCBS Asks For Options to Well-Running Federal Website Due to Cost

If the state keeps the federal exchange and all its current state programming, the assessment on health plans will double in two years. Department of Consumer & Business Services Director Pat Allen said the state is soliciting proposals for existing state-based exchanges so it can weigh them against the cost and benefits of keeping

A high cost estimate for the continued use of the federal health exchange has led the Department of Consumer & Business Services to consider other options, but consumers and insurance brokers might have good reason to be skeptical of the state abandoning a smooth-running federal website for another state-based website.

Cover Oregon Officials May be Called to DC

The Lund Report received a query recently from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Cover Oregon is still on the radar screen in the halls of Congress. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which investigates and exposes waste, fraud and abuse had intended to hold a hearing later this month into the practices of Cover Oregon.

Bill Dissolving Cover Oregon Heads to Governor, Over Oracle Complaints

Oracle, the much-maligned software company that failed to build a functional insurance exchange for Oregon, has threatened to stop Senate Bill 1 from taking effect, but the bill had broad bipartisan support in the House to move the remaining state insurance exchange functions to the Department of Consumer & Business Services.

Ten Republicans joined all the House Democrats in Salem on Friday to send Senate Bill 1 to Gov.

Just Five Days Left to Enroll in Health Insurance

Over 94,000 Oregonians Have Successfully Enrolled Using

Durham, OR – Oregonians can get health insurance coverage and save money through, but they have just five more days to do it.

Sunday, Feb. 15 is the last day to choose or switch a health plan for 2015, and the last chance to get a tax credit to help pay for coverage.

What’s next after Cover Oregon?

OHSU president urges caution at Oregon Health Policy Board meeting as legislature moves quickly to dissolve the health insurance exchange.

Dr. Joe Robertson, the president of Oregon Health & Science University, sounded a cautionary note last week about the future oversight of the state’s health insurance exchange.

Senate to Vote to Dissolve Cover Oregon as Early as Next Week

State plans to continue use of the federal website, but other functions will still be housed in the Department of Consumer & Business Services. The drafters of Senate Bill 1 have proposed language to make it clear that despite closing the independent agency, Oregon still maintains enough control over its insurance exchange to withstand a potentially fatal blow from the Supreme Court to Obamacare in most of the country.

A bill to close down Cover Oregon and roll the remaining responsibilities for the state health insurance exchange into the Department of Consumer & Business Services should head to the Senate floor as early as next week.

Feb. 15: Last Day To Enroll In A Health Plan

Portland, OR – Oregonians have just two more weeks to enroll in health coverage for 2015.

The open enrollment period for health insurance ends on Feb. 15, 2015. This is the only opportunity for Oregonians to get health coverage for 2015 or change their health plans.


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