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Cover Oregon Consumers Face Tight Window as All Must Make Switch

The move from the state website to the federal one means all 97,000 consumers must re-enroll to stay insured. But an open enrollment window set up before the law took effect means they’ll have just one month to sign back up or face a lapse in coverage. One insurance agent suggests the state extend 2014 plans into February to ensure a smooth switch for consumers.

Update: The article has been appended with comments from Cover Oregon staff.

Cover Oregon Plots Future with Mind Toward Avoiding Risky Goals

Tina Edlund explained that a hybrid process will continue for Medicaid enrollments so that the state can be better assured of not promising more than it can deliver. Meanwhile, insurance agents, who account for 50% of all sign-ups, continue to struggle to get paid.

Cover Oregon is still having problems getting insurance agents the money they’ve earned, and the exchange has yet to collect a dime from the insurance companies that owe it an assessment on every policy sold.

Insurance Division Begins Process to Better Regulate Provider Networks

A chief goal of the division is to create more transparency for consumers shopping on Cover Oregon or elsewhere to ensure they know what physicians and services they’ll be getting before they pick a health plan. The division also wants to give clear guidelines to insurers for compliance.

The Oregon Insurance Division is responding to concerns about inadequate networks on Cover Oregon and intends to ask the Legislature for authority to regulate health insurance networks so consumers know upfront whether a plan covers the doctors or other providers they want.

Cover Oregon’s Future Remains in Doubt While Health Net Backs Out

The transition team at Cover Oregon expects to choose a systems integrator on Friday who can link the federal enrollment website for private insurance plans and, separately, finish building a state system to manage Medicaid enrollments.

During her confirmation hearings, the new HHS Secretary told Congress that she’s going after states that failed to get their health insurance exchanges up and running.

Kitzhaber and Cover Oregon Roll Out Plan for Those Who Missed Out on Tax Credits

Former director Bruce Goldberg mentioned in March that consumers who bought qualified health plans outside the exchange would be eligible for retroactive tax credits, but Cover Oregon has only now made this opportunity possible. Consumers have until June 27 to apply.

Gov. John Kitzhaber announced a new order Tuesday night to help consumers who had trouble with Cover Oregon and bought health insurance outside the exchange -- giving them the opportunity to receive tax credits had Cover Oregon worked as promised.

Grand Jury Deliberates Potential Federal Charges in Cover Oregon Debacle

The grand jury meets in secret so there’s little information about the scope of their work or whether criminal charges will come. The governor’s office not only met the deadline to comply with the information request, he promised full cooperation.

A federal grand jury was set to convene in Portland on Tuesday to consider evidence brought forward by U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall into the debacle known as Cover Oregon and determine whether any federal laws had been violated.

Kitzhaber and Richardson Downplay Remarks from Obama Nominee

Comments from U.S. Health & Human Services nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell meant more negative national press for Cover Oregon, but both leading candidates for the Oregon governor’s office think there’s little new indication that the federal government will make the state repay the $248 million grants it wasted on Cover Oregon before abandoning ship and turning over operations to the federal website,

President Obama’s nominee to replace Kathleen Sebelius at the head of the U.S.

State Officials Explain Process to Abort Cover Oregon to Legislators

Gov. John Kitzhaber holds firm in his opinion that Cover Oregon needs no legislative approval or special session to scrap its portal for the federal exchange, despite an opinion from legislative counsel that says otherwise.

State officials on Tuesday worked to downplay the drama in their decision to pull the plug on Cover Oregon as well as buck the public conception that the $248 million given to the failed state insurance exchange was wast

Cover Oregon Debacle Calls into Question the Cost of Big Data

The author contends that the failure to implement Cover Oregon could have a much more far reaching impact with the owners of big data and proprietary systems having the upper hand.

OPINION --The public execution of Cover Oregon wasn’t a dignified death. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver debuted this past Sunday. With “bleepless swearing,” the former “British news correspondent” for The Daily Show” lambasted Indian elections… and Cover Oregon.


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