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Shirley Urges Public Health Officials to Get Involved in Reform Efforts

Speaking to health practitioners around the state, Shirley said many providers don't speak the same language as public health departments

Late last month, Lilian Shirley, director of Oregon's public health division, urged her colleagues in other states to get involved with healthcare reform efforts.

Kitzhaber Celebrates First Year of CCOs with Fanfare in Portland

With primary access up and emergency rates down, the governor and the CCOs had much to tout at Thursday’s forum. They praised the advantages of team efforts where community health workers could provide better outcomes than doctors alone. Members of the so-called community advisory councils were invited, but in some counties the public remains shut out of the process.


Goldberg Tries to Shift Cost Containment Talk Away from Insurance Division

To hold down costs, the state health director emphasized getting more health plans to follow the care model principles employed by CCOs rather than focusing attention on the ability of the Insurance Division to hold insurance companies accountable for cost controls during premium rate hike approvals.

Sept. 11, 2013 — Gov. John Kitzhaber tasked the Oregon Health Policy Board with four areas to hold down healthcare costs, including greater oversight of rate requests by insurance companies. But the state health director, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, downplayed rate review as a way of bringing down costs at Tuesday’s meeting of the policy board.

DOJ Settlement Aims to Improve Mental Health Treatment

The DOJ settlement with the city of Portland requires coordinated care organizations to set up mental health drop-off centers by July, but it’s unclear how they were singled out in the agreement


March 15, 2013 – Last December's settlement between the Department of Justice and the city of Portland tasked the city and Multnomah County with a host of reforms intended to improve interactions between police and people with mental illness – and to improve access to mental healthcare.

Coordinated Care Organizations Could Advance Public Health Priorities

After doing some strategic planning, the state’s public health director, Dr. Mel Kohn, sets out his six top priorities

September 26, 2012 -- The new coordinated care organizations provide enormous opportunities to further the state’s public health agenda, but the new organizations are more likely to be successful in counties with strong existing public health departments, the state’s top public health officer told The Lund Report.

Naturopaths Left Behind in New Coordinated Care Organizations

Oregon Health Plan benefits letter makes no provision for naturopathic primary care; negotiations continue

September 19, 2012 -- Naturopathic medicine advocates worry that one of the many casualties of Oregon’s new coordinated care system will be Eugene resident Penelope Jones-Vaughn, who adopted a severely abused infant son with fetal alcohol syndrome from his birth mother. His symptoms included an inability to feel pain, weeklong bouts of constipation and waking up constantly with nightmares.


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