Walgreen’s Announces Plans to Expand Vaccine Program

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It will offer such immunizations in Portland, Wilsonville and Hillsboro in 2014.

A new pilot project will expand the Vaccines for Children program into a place it has never been – retail pharmacies.

New CDC Regulations Threaten to Dismantle Vaccines for Children Program

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The policy changes would affect how providers store and replenish vaccines and have a severe impact on rural clinicians.

Significant federal policy changes could force many providers to opt out of Oregon’s well-established immunization program, potentially leaving kids around the state unvaccinated and with a higher risk of disease, state health care leaders and providers say.

Officials Say HPV Vaccine Underutilized

The Lund Report
CDC recommending primary care providers administer it in their offices along with standard childhood shots

August 27, 2013 – A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this summer said the HPV vaccine is “grossly underutilized” by families with children in the recommended age groups – and that the lack of uptake has less to do with availability than with lack of good information about who should get the vaccine and why.

Childhood Lead Action Level Drops, But Funding Lags

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Removing the Source of Exposure Critical to Treating Lead Poisoning

October 29, 2012 -- Until May of this year, the Centers for Disease Control's “action level” for blood poisoning in children was 10 micrograms per deciliter. Now the CDC has set what its website calls the “level of concern” for blood-lead poisoning at five micrograms per deciliter – but just what that means for families, healthcare providers and local governments remains to be seen.

CDC Grant Program Focuses on Improving the Health of People with Disabilities

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Oregon is one of 18 states to be funded for a project emphasizing prevention of secondary disability, including chronic conditions

July 19, 2012 -- One in five adults lives with a disability – and many more are likely to acquire a disability at some point in their lives either through illness, injury or the aging process, according to numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People with disabilities are two and a half times more likely than non-disabled peers to report unmet health needs, and more than four times as likely to report fair or poor (as opposed to good) health.

CDC Reduces Funding for HIV Prevention

The Lund Report
Funding drop is due to low HIV prevalence in Oregon, while the number of people being diagnosed hasn’t changed very much in the last decade

April 12, 2012 -- Oregon ranks in the lowest quartile in the nation in terms of HIV pr


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