Cambia Forges Partnership with Blue Cross of North Carolina

Two health-care giants, Cambia Health Solutions in Portland and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in Durham, announced a partnership agreement on Tuesday that’s designed to save money and spur innovation.

Another Cambia Start Up Bites the Dust

The company isn’t disclosing how much was spent on the launch but had received several rounds of funding.

Cambia Health Solutions is keeping mum about how much was spent to launch its latest subsidiary which has been closed down, Engima Health, which was intended to help physicians diagnose mysterious symptoms such as headaches and originally called Muse.

Wellero Bits the Dust

Cambia Health Solutions has decided to shutter its mobile health payment-focused startup, Wellero just a little more than two years after launching in fall 2013.

Regence BlueShield Made Serious Multimillion Dollar Accounting Mistakes

The Lund Report
The accounting errors were discovered when the Washington Insurance Commissioner completed a financial exam of Regence and its parent corporation, Cambia Health Solutions, earlier this year

December 11, 2012 -- Regence BlueShield and its parent company Cambia Health Solutions made sloppy mistakes in their reporting practices, sometimes to the tune of millions of dollars, according to a Lund Report review of the insurer’s most recent Washington state financial exam. The examination was completed earlier this year and covers the insurer’s work through the end of 2010. Regence BlueShield is the Washington subsidiary of Portland-based Cambia, which also owns Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and Blues plans in Utah and Idaho.

Regence/Cambia Investment Spending on IT Tops $400M

The Lund Report
Despite heavy investment, Cambia slammed for IT errors, including withdrawals from non-members' bank accounts

October 25, 2012 -- It seemed like a good idea at the time. With healthcare costs rising, insurance plans from across the Northwest thought they might be able to save money by sharing resources. By 1997, Oregon’s BlueCross BlueShield had merged with BlueShield of Washington and other “Blues” plans from Utah and Idaho to become The Regence Group. Headquartered in downtown Portland, soon the new company had set its tech team to work at integrating its multiple lines of business.

Oregon’s New Health CO-OP Promises Lowest Administrative Costs

The Lund Report
Its CEO, Dr. Ralph Prows, wants to hear from consumers and business leaders and is hosting a series of sharing sessions

September 6, 2012 -- A consumer-driven insurance plan is gathering momentum in Oregon. Not only will people have a chance to help design this new plan, they can also have a seat on its governing board.

“This is a health plan with a conscience,” said Dr. Ralph Prows, CEO of Oregon’s Health CO-OP. “Our purpose and mission is to keep our costs down. We have to start keeping healthcare affordable and intend to have the lowest administrative costs of any health plan. We’re trying to do the right thing and are not interested in making a profit.”

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