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Wellero Bits the Dust

January 29, 2016

Cambia Health Solutions has decided to shutter its mobile health payment-focused startup, Wellero just a little more than two years after launching in fall 2013. The company offered consumers a mobile app that allows them to pay for their health care services before they leave their provider’s office. Consumers using the app could pay at the time of service based on their health insurance benefits or cash prices for the uninsured.

Jared Ishkanian, Cambia spokesman confirmed Cambia’s decision to shutter Wellero in an email.

“We launch start-up ventures because of their potential to transform health care. Sometimes, those early stage investments don’t bloom into mature stand-alone companies. We’ll continue to use and build upon Wellero’s tools and services to make paying for health care easier for consumers.”

Wellero’s app had about 1,100 users as of last May and served as a point of service solution with about 700 health plans on the platform including Cambia’s own Regence BlueCross BlueShield plans.

Cambia currently owns several other wholly-owned subsidiaries such as HealthSparq, which provides ways to help consumers access cost and quality information for healthcare providers, and SpendWell, a digital health e-commerce site where consumers can buy routine health services.

Here’s the original story posted by The Lund Report