Diane Lund-Muzikant

Debate Set for Dec. 13 on Healthcare Funding Package

The Oregon Health Forum is bringing together opponents and proponents to discuss the tax measure

Oregon voters will decide on Jan. 23 whether to overturn $320 million in healthcare taxes intended to balance the state’s Medicaid budget.

OHSU Employees, Students Prompt Efforts to Address Racism

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Dr. Brian Gibbs, the director of its Center for Diversity and Inclusion, says “unconscious bias” lies at the root of the problem.

Reports of systemic racism have prompted action and recent headlines out of Multnomah County, but at Oregon Health & Science University a similar set of concerns has drawn less public attention.

Amid Turmoil, Zoom+Care Workers Vent Online

Employees continue lashing out about working conditions at the neighborhood clinics.

Amid the turmoil surrounding Zoom+Care, former employees continue to speak out, saying they left after being belittled and yelled at, while their managers expected them to work at below market wages.


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