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OHSU Will Never be Silent in the Face of Adversity

Dr. Joe Robertson also released figures showing phenomenal growth over the past 11 years.

Without mentioning President Trump by name, the president of Oregon Health & Science University expressed dismay at the immigration policies he’s put forward at a luncheon attended by more than 200 policy wonks, legislators and employees at the Portland Art Museum yesterday.

Sean Gregory Joins PeaceHealth

The hospital executive from Florida is expected to take over the Columbia Network region.

An outsider, Sean Gregory, is expected to take over the Columbia Network region for PeaceHealth which includes its Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver and St. John’s Medical Center in Longview.

Seats Filling Up Fast for Breakfast Forum on CCOs

Join us for an interactive breakfast forum panel on Feb. 22

With the new administration threatening to repeal the Affordable Care Act, what could be the impact on the state’s CCO? Even though Oregon does have a new federal waiver for the next five years, there’s no assurances of any new money. And, with the state facing a $1.7 billion budget shortfall, could healthcare be on the chopping line?


OHSU Responds to Penalties from CMS

Statewide, six hospitals were penalized for high rates of patient injuries.

Recently the federal government announced that Medicare payments are being cut to hospitals this year that have a high rate of patient injuries. Oregon Health & Science University was among them.

Hospitals Spent $65 Billion on Medical Services, Construction, IT Services

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The details come from the independent contractor reports filed with the IRS.

Oregon hospitals spent $33.3 billion on independent contractors during 2014, according to a detailed analysis by The Lund Report.

Wyden Speaks Out Against Nomination of Tom Price

The Senator intends to hold Price accountable for the nonexistent Republican plan to replace the ACA.

After a hearing was scheduled to consider the nomination of Congressman Tom Price as the next Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department, Senator Ron Wyden issued the following statement:

New Taxes Could Fill Medicaid Budget Hole

The Oregon Center for Public Policy issued a report today calling upon the Legislature to consider taxes on healthcare practitioners and ambulatory surgical centers.

The healthcare industry is being called upon to absorb the looming budget hole faced by Oregon lawmakers when they gather in Salem next month.

Breakfast Forum Looks at the Future of CCOs

With approval of the new federal waiver, we're bringing together a panel to talk about what lies ahead.

Now that Oregon has had its federal waiver renewed for another five years, what’s ahead for the state’s 16 coordinated care organizations? Will for-profit organizations be excluded from the next contracts? Will there be more transparency in how CCOs are spending their money?


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