Diane Lund-Muzikant

Amid Turmoil, Zoom+Care Workers Vent Online

Employees continue lashing out about working conditions at the neighborhood clinics.

Amid the turmoil surrounding Zoom+Care, former employees continue to speak out, saying they left after being belittled and yelled at, while their managers expected them to work at below market wages.

State Could Be Close to Settlement with Zoom Management

No one is willing to speak on the record but conversations are definitely taking place.

A settlement could be imminent between the state of Oregon and Zoom Health Plan to recover $3 million after its affiliate Zoom Management Inc. failed to pay the money in late 2016 in exchange for a surplus note, but never did.

Independent sources have told The Lund Report that a settlement agreement will likely happen by late September. Beyond recovering the $3 million, other penalties could be imposed that affect Zoom’s co-founders and majority stakeholders, Drs. Dave Sanders and Albert DiPiero.


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